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Illegal Aliens in Cudahy

Illegal Aliens

I am shocked to find so many people ready to defend something that is clearly criminal, though because it is projected as a discriminatory issue, some are quick to pick up and argue the point of illegalities.  By entering The United States of America, by ways that are other than legal, people cross a line of being innocent and step into the area of crime.  It is not only by entering the country illegally though that produces criminal behavior.  Why is this crime okay and others not?  A crime is a CRIME. 


Let us all stop calling them “Undocumented Workers” not all of them work and “Illegal Immigrants”,  which implies that as an immigrant they leave one country to settle permanently in another, many cross back to Mexico.  Just call them what they are “ILLEGAL ALIENS.”  By them being here, it is a crime.  If most defendants are released on personal recognizance bonds and they are illegal in the first place, most would just pick up and move.  Gone into the woodwork without a way of finding them.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter if they are found guilty of not showing up.


Have you ever asked yourself how many illegal alien children are in our schools, in our beds at South Shore Saint Luke’s, just costing us money?


On a national level, Michigan has officially overturned the policy of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  This change also limits licenses to legal, but non-permanent immigrants as well.  This leaves only seven states issuing illegal aliens drivers licenses: Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.  New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer last year proposed allowing illegal aliens to get licenses, but withdrew the idea under heavy criticism.


This is a national problem that reaches a local level.  I oppose amnesty, because it would encourage further illegal immigration, and unfairly reward those who break our laws.


Local law enforcement officers should enforce the laws - all the laws, even federal ones that deal with illegal aliens.  I have no idea if Cudahy Police even know of the ICE database or ask for documentation of legal status.  I hope Cudahy doesn’t have the same philosophy as Milwaukee does - they won't ask if immigrants are here illegally, and immigrants don't have to tell them.  That seems to be a simple solution for this problem, but that is just ignoring the problem.  Some advocates say that this “don’t ask don’t tell” saves money, but to what cost?  Our safety!!  I hope by now the local government has put a plan in place to do something about this problem.


This is my email to Judge John Zodrow in July 2006, which I also sent to the Aldermen, Mayor at the time, and the Police department.  Judge John Zodrow was gracious enough to respond to me.  I did not get a response from the others.



I have a question that you could answer for me.  I was listening to the Mark Belling show and his topic was that the police should be checking when they have arrested someone who is possible an illegal alien, to check the INS database for possible deportation.  Is the city of Cudahy doing this and if not why not?


John Zodrow


Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 4:33 PM


The INS no longer exists.  As of March 1, 2003, it was abolished and its functions transferred to various subdivisions of the Department of Homeland Security.  One of those subdivisions is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which was created by combining the law enforcement arms of the INS and the Customs Service.  Perhaps you were referring to an ICE database.

In any event, I do not know whether the police department checks the database you refer to when someone is arrested who might be an illegal alien.  While I do know that the police department commonly runs records checks on arrested persons through various federal and state law enforcement databases, I do not know the specifics as to which databases are checked as to whom under what circumstances.  Accordingly, you may wish to address your question to the police department or to the mayor or to your alderman.



Thank you for the correction, I have also email both other parties.  If you would find out that someone in police custody comes before you for bail and they are an illegal alien do you grant bail?  Also, if the police don't look up on this database, how would you know?


Randy Hollenbeck


John Zodrow


Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 6:30 PM

To: Randy Hollenbeck


As to your first question, the issue has never come up.  I have never had a bail hearing at which I have been aware that the defendant was an illegal alien, so I have never had to address the issue.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Of course, if no one advises me that the defendant is an illegal alien, I would have no way of knowing.  In any event, the issue would rarely come up because we rarely have bail hearings in municipal court.  In most cases, defendants are released on personal recognizance bonds, and those who do not appear in court are typically found guilty by default.  Keep in mind that in municipal court, the defendants are not facing criminal charges, they are charged only with city ordinance violations, so the penalties the court can impose do not include jail time, and so the circumstances in which the court can set cash bail and hold the defendant if he does not pay it are extremely limited.


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