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Elderly Man Dies After Being Run Over

Cudahy, Safety, Sidewalk

Thomas Moore, an 85-year-old man from Cudahy on a mobility scooter was killed after being run over Thursday afternoon just after 1:00pm on Whitnall Ave.  His body was dragged under the van while his scooter was in the middle of the road and his shopping bag was thrown half-way across the street.  The driver of the van suffered some serious injuries after his van flipped over after striking and killing the man on his scooter.  Both men were rushed to St. Luke’s South Shore hospital.


According to the Cudahy Police Department, the 85-year-old man died just after 7 o'clock Thursday night.  Officer Bates said, in a statement released to the press, the allure to shop at the Pick N’ Save grocery store just on the North side of Layton Ave has made for some dangerous incidents and he doesn’t understand why the city, for which he works for, has done nothing to rectify the situation.  The officer went on to say that many people walk, run, ride bikes, and drive electric mobility scooters on Whithall Ave in the road all the time and the city has been lucky until now that fatalities had not occurred and he hoped the city would now do something about putting in sidewalks!


According to Dave Koones, he was driving his van home on the west side of Whitnall Ave proceeding to Nicholson Ave when he struck the scooter with Thomas Moore. 

The elderly man on a mobility scooter was in the road and I had no where to go after making the turn from Layton Ave to Whitnall.  “I don’t understand why there were no sidewalks for this man to use.  He had no business driving his scooter in the road,” Dave Koones said in his statement to the Cudahy Police. 


Police investigations continue but neither alcohol nor drugs contributed to this horrible accident.  A witness at the scene has been interviewed but could not clarify what happened.  Police are appealing for any other witnesses who may have seen the incident to contact them.


  That caught your attention didn’t it?  I would have thought the last one I did would have caught the attention of our city officials, yet NO action taken.  Not even a peep from them.  Just silence!  We are lucky it was not real and has not happen yet.  Our officials must be waiting for the headline to be true to finally act on this dangerous and deadly problem.  I feel the loss of those who may have suffered the tragic loss of a child.  Few can understand the hollow, wrenching, and enduring agony parents silently suffer when a child predeceases them.  As you know, I can.  That is one of the reasons this problem is very personal to me.  I do not wish anyone to lose a child, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, or father to something that can be prevented. 
 Denver to Use City Ordinance to Crush Man's Car For Being a Bad Driver  

Police in Denver are going to get rid of Pablo Alcala's 1981 Chevy, taking advantage of an ordinance the city council passed in 2005 that allows them to crush cars belonging to people that have proven themselves to be habitual traffic offenders.


Alcala, 51, killed 79-year-old Berdie Friedman in October 2006 after hitting her in a crosswalk.  Although he carried her to a bus shelter close by and allowed her to call her husband with his phone, he took off in his car.  Two weeks later, she died.


Her husband's phone was used by police to locate Alcala.  Other major infractions qualify him as a habitual traffic offender, and eligible for the car crushing next Tuesday.  He also has to pay $7,700 and serve a two-year jail sentence.

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