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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

A True Rant and Rave

Rant Rave

The Office of the Mayor leads and represents the City of Cudahy in dealings with residents, elected officials, dignitaries and staff.  The Mayor's Office has a duty to conduct the business of the City in ways that are “TRANSPARENT,” honest, efficient and inclusive.  It is the responsibility of the Mayor to ensure that City Council remains accountable and accessible to the public, so that the citizens can be sure they are receiving the highest possible standard of City services.


As I have said before, it is not the roll of the Mayor or city officials to control the players in the game of city development.  Government does intrude into people’s private spheres too often.


Many developers are needed for a balanced city.  If one developer gained a strong hold on the city and controlled with power…well, remember, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  If that were the case, one developer could threaten or hold the city hostage as terrorists do.  This project will go through or else!  You will stop this project or else!


Some people may feel I am too hard on our officials.  To that, I say, no!  I just want them to know there is a strong voice that understands that they work for us.  I do respect them, when they do the job that we all expect of them.  Some feel my emails are heavy handed, to them I say, maybe.  My emails and posts start out soft and as inaction occurs, get progressively harsher.  Theodore Roosevelt had a statement that he said while talking about foreign affairs “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  With our own government, we need to “speak often and loudly and carry a bigger stick.”  This should be a hint to our local government when dealing with me; answer promptly while things are just soft and gentle.  One must know when to take the gloves off and I take them off all the time.  When you are in government, you have to understand, you are also the complaint department.


I am a warrior and I will fight the fight.  I grew up with military values instilled in me.  One must speak up and question the blind wisdom that tells us what to do.  We should never become sheep or cattle.  We are people.  We have instilled trust in our leaders, but they must listen to us, the very people their actions directly affect.  We must fight the valiant fight and not take the easy path of silence like they do many times.  We must respect the chain of command, but that respect is earned, not given.  We must be heard and the will of the people must be applied.  We talk, they listen and act accordingly.


It is time for our legislature and government to hear us and act for us.  They must take up this cause and ensure that the very citizens for whom they work for are truly represented.  An informed and interested democracy is a powerful thing.  It is not only the streets we must take back, we need too take back our government.


It cannot be politics as usual, politics with a type of double talk.  And it's no wonder when you consider the confusion, constant changes, treachery and misguided priorities of the past.  We need to distance ourselves from the past.  A past with much questionable dealings.  Backroom deals and favoritisms, I am told by someone who has lived in Cudahy for fifty years.  I do believe him and have heard similar stories from others. 


Expectations must be a bit high.  Sometimes that's how small changes arrive; on the backs of larger expectations.  Setting high standards doesn’t guarantee great results but you’ll never get results with no standards at all.


I was driven and inspired to write this because of hearing people talk about the silence local government has taken.  Yes, we could call them.  Yes, we could drive to city hall and try to catch the Mayor in his office or one of the Aldermen.  Why do we have to be the one doing something?  The Internet is here 24/7.  But we all want proof that comes with writing something.  So all can see what stance or position they take.  Professionally, I have found that email is a great tool to get the word out and keep things clear.  Once you write it, and sign it, you can’t hide from it.  When someone is vague or uses the wrong word, therein lays the only problem with email or any other written word, misconception.  It can no longer be as clear as mud on a rainy day.  Things must be spelled out in such a manor that everyone understands what is being said.  Plain English with no double talk!


I do find it funny that the Mayor can say stuff to the news media that gets written, yet we have not seen him nor the Aldermen post in the public forum, unless some of those unknown or false names are them.  We will never know for sure, especially now that it has run its course.

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