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We are one-step closer to a Wal-Mart

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With hearty cheers and shouts of "ooh-rah!" and "hoo-rah", we are one-step closer to a Wal-Mart and the Milwaukee Wave training facility at the debunked Ice Port. 


On Tuesday February 12, 2008, the CDA approved the Wal-Mart and soccer facility in a 4-3 vote.  Those in favor were Sarah Ebberhardy, Mike Clark, Joan Houlihan, and Rick Ceschin and destining votes were Alderman Sean Smith, Alderman Tom Pavlic, and Tom Paul.  **hands fold and cover face - The wave of euphoria is tempered by skepticism**


Since the proposed area of development is currently not zoned correctly, it will be brought to the Plan Commission.  At the earliest, the topic would be discussed at the March 11 meeting.  If the Ice Port was being built and it was zoned as a manufacturing district, and as planned unit development, how was the Ice Port zoned correctly in the first place?  **hand moves into the thinker pose**


Back in Feb. 20, 2007 then Mayor John Hohenfeldt has vetoed a Common Council decision on the future of the Iceport site.


Back in March 21, 2007 "I want to put an end to the Iceport," McCue said.  "I want to encourage positive economic development in this city."


From Mayor Ryan McCue’s comments of, "The Plan Commission has the authority to say 'yes' or 'no' because it does not meet current zoning codes," this is by no means a done deal.  With the Mayor not a “fan” of Wal-Mart and two of our Aldermen voting against it, this up and down vote doesn’t look good to me.  **eyes roll**


Also, remember what the Mayor said “We can only control what they build, but I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart”  **cannot CONTROL the Arrgghhh exiting my mouth**


Couple that with Mayor McCue’s comment of, "The ball is still in the developer's court," I don’t get the “warm fuzzies.”  I hope that comment was based on the fact that a representatives from developer Continental Properties have to submit formal paperwork before the proposal will appear on the Plan Commission's agenda.  Since one would correctly say, “The ball is now in the developer’s court” because the ball to say was in the hands of the CDA and now returns to Continental Properties.  My opinion is that the Mayor is still not happy with the developer’s choices (mainly Wal-Mart).  Referring to the Mayor’s earlier comments of “Wal-Mart is definitely on the lowest of my lists of things I'd like to see in Cudahy" or My hope is that Continental Properties will go and find different developments and different proposals from what we've seen thus far.”  **head moves side to side**


The Plan Commission makes recommendations to City Council concerning the Zoning Ordinance and zoning map, reviews major development proposals and prepares redevelopment plans.  The plan commission consists of Mayor Ryan McCue (Chairman, who is automatically assigned by the City Charter), City Engineer Craig Faucett, Alderman Joseph Mikolajczak, Mike Coultehurst, Mike Nelson, Harry Savigan, and Jim Zsebe.


Let's hope with these latest decisions the Obstructionists and Nay-Sayers get out of the way of development and allow Wal-Mart the chance to show off their plans and build something.  Let's remember who they were, though, for future reference when this becomes a success and economic engine for the area.  We will see the Mayor there, I know.  As I have commended him on the budget in the past, he knows how to save money including his.  Now, if he would just let us save money.  His blessing on this project would do wonders, just as his grandstanding is doing.  The previous Mayor is for it.


As I have said before “We must not let politics push the agenda, but instead do what makes the most sense for the economic development of Cudahy”.  There is no such thing as the right time; there is only the time of opportunity, which you have to take when it comes.  I hope this doesn’t turn into a one year event like what is happening in Franklin where minor revisions to plans take one year.  Read it Here!  And they already have a Wal-Mart, it is just the changes for the Supercenter. 


As far as the government making the decisions for me, if people don’t speak up, either way, the government will make the decisions for us.  They have hijacked the planning process.  We have a Mayor whose mind is made up from the start; remember “NOT A FAN.”  It is not the roll of the city officials to CONTROL the players in the game and stack them to benefit them or change the outcome of the game, but do what is best for all.  What is best for the city is always open for interpretation.  An informed and interested democracy is a powerful thing.  Not everyone will ever be happy! 


If we truly want to continue to make Cudahy a dynamic and vibrant destination and keep politics to a minimum, this Cudahy Station needs to go forward with Wal-Mart as the anchor.  McCue describing himself as forward-thinking.


I guess when you are shortsighted and narrow-minded; you put blinders on to dismiss anything that won't fit your "vision" of the future.  Nor do you want to entertain any dissenting view, for that might interfere with your plans.  I think honestly more people are for the Wal-Mart than against.  Just because the “NO” group yells the most or loudest doesn’t mean it is the most.  It is time for the silent majority to speak up!  The officials must hear the din in their heads.  The “NO” group has their ear and we must change that!  I believe in the power of the people.


If this fails, Wal-Mart will be taking offers from South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, St. Francis, or Bay View.  They want a presence in the South Shore area.  Cudahy should be that location.  Again, we can drive to spend our money elsewhere or pray and hope someone will build here.  All the while, the city that lands Wal-Mart will be laughing at us for letting this one slip away.  The Wave Center is looking at Franklin, Milwaukee and Muskego if this fails.  The children from the Cudahy school district will lose the free use of the Wave Center.  I am sure the kids in Franklin will send Mayor McCue a thank you card thanking him for the gift.  He will have re-gifted our gifts. 


Perception is stronger than reality.  The line between perception and reality can get pretty blurry depending on how close or how far you're standing from the truth.  Some believe that if they wish for something to happen or for something to be true, it will.  We must look beyond talk and on to solutions of action.  It is time to move forward not back.


I have tried many different approaches to get through to people on why Wal-Mart would be good for Cudahy.  I will not stop in my fight to gain as much support as I can, all the while, trying to move people’s fears out of the shadows and into the light.  For once in the light, the fears will disappear like the boogieman in the night. 


I want to thank those of you that have joined me in the fight.  You have exercised your rights and obligations in the finest fashion, while keeping the goal at hand clearly in focus.  I am proud to have been a partner with you, and I salute you!  I hope your commitment will continue; I know mine will never waver.  We are “TEAM YES” – “Together Everyone Achieves More…Yes, Everyone’s Success” 


Some people choose to sit on the sidelines and watch opportunities pass them by.


Just because something is unknown doesn’t mean it should be feared


You can move forward or live in the past, but you cannot do both.


Life is what you make it!  So stop blaming other people and DO SOMETHING!


Change is hard to accept.


I do not insult by telling the truth, because the truth is naked.


The able does it, the unable criticize it.

Please Mr. Mayor and the Plan Commission don’t deny us our Wal-Mart and Wave Center!


Here is an article done today “Consumers prefer Wal-Mart to Target


As consumers scale back on spending in the face of a softening U.S. economy, at least one analyst suspects that more shoppers are choosing Wal-Mart Stores Inc. over rival Target Corp.


Please print the petition below and if you and your neighbors support the Wal-Mart fill it out and drop it off at K-Ranch.  4840 So. Whitnall Ave. Cudahy, WI 53110 Call: 414-481-1775




Yes, I support the development of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Cudahy.  The Supercenter will bring added convenience and economical shopping in a modern store environment featuring technologically advanced systems for energy efficiency.  It will also provide significant economic benefits for Cudahy through job creation and increased tax revenues.  Please join us in supporting this high quality development for our residents and community.  

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