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The Mayor and I

Cudahy, Eminent Domain

Mayor McCue and I were mentioned in the article In Bars & Clubs

Good times still flowing on Cudahy's Packard Avenue Link below


Now they correctly quote me from my blog “Has the Genie already been let out of the bottle?” which was about Eminent Domain. 


What they failed to tell people was that the Mayor and Common Council are looking at taking over the private properties at Dusty's (which is mentioned in article above) and Wayne's World taverns in the 4800 block of South Packard avenues.  Does that sound like someone who is supportive of bars?

The picture that is painted about Mayor McCue is he is all for the bars.


"The city of Cudahy has a lot of proud people and a lot of hard-working people," McCue said.  "We have a great night life with a lot of variety.  You can go to Vnuk's Lounge (5036 S. Packard) and see world-class entertainment and enjoy a great beer selection.  They're definitely the shining star.


"But, there are a lot of other bars, too.  There are nice places to go with good food and reasonable prices."


McCue, an Irishman, compared the atmosphere in Cudahy to what he encountered on a trip to Ireland.


"Over there, the pubs are where people go to sit and talk with their neighbors," he said.  "That's kind of what we have here.  It's part of Cudahy's fabric.


"The old-school pubs are kind of like ‘Cheers.’  You go in for the first time and by the time you leave you'll know everybody's name."


Asked about the problems presented by taverns, McCue pointed to the charitable work and team sponsorships of many bars and chuckled and said the city has "a very fine police department" to take care of any problems.


"The taverns that are undesirable are fading away," McCue said.  "That's fine.  We're not going to allow problems to continue.  We're raising the city's expectations."


McCue said that the addition of the City Lounge, an upscale establishment at 3455 E. Layton Ave., and extensive remodeling at the K-Ranch, 4840 S. Whitnall Ave., and other bars have helped raise the bar for the rest of the city.


"The City Lounge is an example of how successful a bar in Cudahy can be," he said.  "It's added a totally different dimension.  You wouldn't think of a place like that being in Cudahy.


"It's starting to evolve and bring it up a notch.  Some of the bars in Cudahy could be your grandpa's bar, but we have a lot of different places to go."


Contrast that with: City may use eminent domain to close bars


"(The Eminent Domain option is) in the infancy state right now," said Mayor Ryan McCue.  "This is a formality to let us think about it."


The city would use condemnation to take over the businesses and help beautify the area.


McCue said there is development taking place to the south of the bars.


"There's a great potential for something better," he said.


Would the real Mayor Ryan McCue please stand up!


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