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Cudahy Wal-Mart Time Line

Cudahy, Wal-Mart

To get a Cudahy Wal-Mart is like pushing a 1000 lb boulder up the hill!

I have a really uphill battle, don’t I? 


When you put yourself out there, in the public forum, as with this or any blog, you expose yourself to be openly attacked, character assassinated and unfairly called names.


I would like to think that the people who post on this site can act responsibly and maturely, and so far, everyone has.  Unfortunately, the childish actions of a few on other cities blogs have not.  I would expect our adult behavior continues and people don’t resort to the childish actions we saw in the public forum, and imagine it all ended there.


In any case, I have learned in life that I am a duck!  I just let it slide off of me.


I understand to some people, as it was said so perfectly by Joe in the public Forum, “one would think the city was proposing a site for a nuclear power plant.”  Earlier in the Public Forum, I talked about Wal-Mart haters, just mention that word, and you will get an ear full.  I also strongly understand that people’s MOMs, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters, work at places like K-Mart that can be affected by Wal-Mart.  I know from working at K-Mart for eleven years, they can rise to the challenge.  The current store manger of K-Mart in Cudahy, Debbie Bonkowski, and I worked together at the Old Brookfield store.  She can lead and do the job as best as anyone.


Mayor John Hohenfeldt’s Wal-Mart support coupled with the Ice Port debacle probably played a major part of the reason he was not reelected.


As I have said before, Wal-Mart is not perfect nor is it the savior.  I do see the bigger picture, ten or twenty years from now.  It needs to be said again, I just hope Mayor McCue isn’t trying to put a “feather in his cap” and sees the picture, the big picture.  Here is a really rude reality check - we need this Wal-Mart.  Many people just have to come to grips with the truth, we need this.


It is time to move forward not back.  The questions for all of us now are: Which way is forward and how do we proceed now?  Forward is this Wal-Mart in Cudahy Station.  We proceed with our eyes open willingly, for the good of all, not the one.  We must not be selfish!  We must think, “How will this help others, not just me?”  Believe me, this isn't a question of principle.  It's all politics!


Asking people if they support Wal-Mart in Cudahy – As with anything in life it is how you ask the question and what is your tone will determine the response you get.


Since there is much, much, much interest still in this Wal-Mart and the IcePort, I started thinking I should setup a small time line.  To know where you are going, one must know where you have been!  Watch the bold areas!!!!!


Year 2002

Mayor Ray Glowacki and the Common Council to which Ryan McCue is part of initial votes to negotiate the development agreement in April 2002.  Ryan McCue left before the FINAL vote as he was gone in June of 2002.  The actual development agreement with Sportsites LLC to build the IcePort was approved by the Council in Sept of 2002. 



Cudahy Mayor Ray Glowacki doesn't expect the council to question the value of the developments.


Year 2003

IcePort construction of which began in May 2003 and stopped nine months later when financing fell through (February 2004).


Year 2004 (April)

Mayor John Hohenfeldt takes office

 Had Mayor Glowacki, and the former common council (which included at the time Alderman McCue), done PROPER due diligence, Mayor Hohenfeldt would not have inherited a 1/4 done building, and a tremendous commitment made by the city, to the now failed and defunct project.   

Year 2005

Oct. 13, 2005


Glowacki, a former mayor of Cudahy, was one of the original signers of the 2002 development agreement with Sportsites LLC and remains a staunch supporter of the project.


Year 2006


On April 21, 2006, Cudahy officials declared the project in default after developers failed to meet a city-imposed deadline to find a new lender to complete a $29 million loan to allow construction to resume.

 Mayor Hohenfeldt attended two court proceedings, and appeals, with the City Attorney Robert Jursik, to raise that eyesore, and end that chapter in the cities history.  

Wal-Mart ponders Cudahy Supercenter

Posted: Sept. 28, 2006

The Cudahy Supercenter would be on a strip of land west of S. Pennsylvania Ave. and south of E. Layton Ave. It would anchor a shopping center that developer Cobalt Partners LLC wants to build, Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt said Thursday.


Year 2007

   McCue to End Ice Port Dear Public Forum, While out campaigning for Mayor of Cudahy the past couple of months, many residents have asked my opinion of the Ice Port. I think that the City of Cudahy must put the Ice Port to rest and get the land back from the developer. I have struggled to find an ice skating complex in the area that is profitable. I believe that this site is a prime piece of real estate and that we can get something better than an ice rink. As a long time supporter of the Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee Commuter Rail line, I believe that when it comes to fruition developers will be lining up to develop that land. Once elected as your next mayor, I will bring a long term vision for that piece of real estate. I think that there are many lessons to be learned from the Ice Port debacle. Once elected as your next mayor, I will not allow a public/private development to begin construction without valid proof that the city has performed its due diligence. Had the city done this properly the Ice Port would not have begun construction, because they did not have proper financing. We need to concentrate on keeping businesses in Cudahy and making it easy and attractive for new businesses to locate here.  Once elected as your next mayor, I will work hard to attract new business that will benefit and enhance our community.  At the same time, I will not give unnecessary incentives to developers. Holding a referendum on this issue is a bad idea, because it is too late to get the question on April’s ballot and the next scheduled election is in February of 2008.  Furthermore, I already know what the people of Cudahy want and that is an end to the Ice Port. If you have any questions comments or would like to learn more about my vision for Cudahy, please feel free to contact me at 489-1318 or visit my website at . I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Sincerely, Ryan McCue

Candidate for Mayor of Cudahy


March 28, 2007

City wants to put fence around IcePort site


Mayor Ryan McCue takes office


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Continental Properties to buy IcePort site


Under an agreement signed Tuesday by the city of Cudahy and Sportsites L.L.C., Sportsites agreed to sell the entire 26-acre parcel of land to Continental Properties, which is a developer of commercial, retail and hotel properties.  A purchase price was not disclosed.

 The agreement officially kills the proposed $35 million IcePort development, construction of which began in May 2003 and stopped nine months later when financing fell through. "This is a victory for the city of Cudahy," said Mayor Ryan McCue.  "We put an end to the IcePort and severed our relationship with Sportsites.  If Sportsites doesn't live up to any portion of the stipulation, the city of Cudahy will receive ownership of all 26-acres free and clear."  The stipulation also orders that Sportsites dismiss all of their counter-claims against the city of Cudahy, which totaled nearly $5.3 million.   

Cudahy reaches deal on defunct project

Posted: Aug. 14, 2007




It's a win for the city," said Mayor Ryan McCue.  "Either we get a good retail development with Continental Properties, or we get the land back."

 Isn’t Wal-Mart good retail development, since they are the number one retail in the world?  Is there something above being number one? As originally proposed, IcePort was to have been an anchor for LakePort Village, a larger commercial and retail development.  Again the Zoning Issue! 

Aug. 23, 2007

Agreement renders IcePort a puddle

Sportsites agrees to sell to developer


Attorneys for both parties signed a stipulation and order, which dismissed the $5.3 million in counterclaims by Sportsites against the city.


"This is a victory for the city of Cudahy," Mayor Ryan McCue said in a news release. "I am pleased to put the IcePort behind us, and I look forward to working with Continental Properties, which is a first-class developer."


September 2007

Continental Properties looks at these before Wal-Mart

  1. Target
  2. Costco
  3. Kohl’s
  4. Home Depot
  5. Menards 
  6. Relocation of Pick N save from St. Francis
  7. Wal-Mart

That was the order!  The other stores felt that the location would either be too close to others of theirs, there would not be enough customers to support it, or didn’t fit their business model.


Oct. 24, 2007

Whispers of Wal-Mart at IcePort site swirl


Nov. 1, 2007

Wal-Mart lays out plan for supercenter


Nov. 19, 2007

Residents square off on Wal-Mart plan

Is the superstore retailer the right fit for city of Cudahy?


Dec. 19, 2007

Shopping and soccer proposed for IcePort site


Dec. 26, 2007

Wave facility, Wal-Mart would anchor development


Year 2008


Jan. 16, 2008

Timetable extended for sale of former IcePort property

 However, Mayor McCue has signed off on the cities foreclosure rights and are still negotiating a settlement with the attorneys of Sportsites, and with Continental.  Remember, HE took the CDA and Council, the item on the agenda asking for the extension.  The Mayor sets the agenda for the common council, now we wait for another 6 months for July 1 deadline.    

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cudahy panel recommends new plans for Powerade site


Feb. 20, 2008

CDA moves Wal-Mart proposal on to planners


Okay.. Whew.. Almost Done!


Originally, attorneys for both parties signed a stipulation and order, which dismissed the $5.3 million in counterclaims by Sportsites against the city.  But that has changed.

Review circuit court action as Sportsites still has about a $6 million or 6.5 million dollar lawsuit out there, and I truly wonder who is paying for that one?    Link Here

Questions from the public forum


Someone in the Public forum had asked what happen to the Wal-Mart proposal on S. Pennsylvania Ave. and south of E. Layton Ave. by developer Cobalt Partners LLC, I am still looking into it. 


I truly wonder if Wal-Mart and Continental properties are still willing to pay the $6,568,525.45 claim between Varco Pruden Buildings, IcePort LLC, H O K Design & Build, 10 Construction Inc et al and Sportsites LLC (see Milwaukee County Case Number 2004CV008504 link is above)?


Who paid the property taxes to the city of Cudahy on the IcePort property for 2007?


Did our city officials lie to Continental properties about sticking them with the bill on this site?  Because I thought the city of Cudahy was going to get the land back, no strings attached in January 2008, ... until Wal-Mart showed up.


Why in the world would the city officials give a six month extension to the IcePort lawyer?!


Questions are important, but answers are necessary


Questions without answers are useless


Here is something to ponder the Penn and Layton site (which continues to sit there and collect dust and no tax money {City of Milwaukee does not pay taxes})


Also again, if the IcePort was to have retail, how is it zoned incorrectly now? 


ICE Rink = Wave Center

Unknown Retail = Wal-Mart and shops of Cudahy


It looks to me that it is the same formula, doesn’t it to you?


The Wave center has a convention aspect and will bring many soccer moms and dads to Cudahy spending money while the kids are training!


Wal-Mart, while good for consumers, does not fit this vision of utopia for Cudahy at its (destination point) identity crisis that it appears our leaders have.  If you look back at the September 28th 2006 article above Common Council President Sean Smith is among those concerned about the perception of a discount retailer in Cudahy.


We had someone check with Police Chief Oliva in Franklin about the crime misconception and his feelings that Wal-Mart has more pluses, than minuses for the community.  If you would talk to the Oak Creek police department, they would rather have a Wal-Mart then the movie theater.  They get about one or more calls a day for problems there.


In my opinion on all of this talk about Cudahy Station not being the right place for Wal-Mart is moot since it is just clearly Wal-Mart at any place in Cudahy would not make Sean Smith and Mayor Ryan McCue happy.


My hope is that Mayor McCue is not looking to hang his hat on for his own political gain on a project that is "destination point"; I pray he is truly doing what is best of the city and its citizens.  Maybe some including him are prejudices to Wal-Mart based on one example verse the whole.  That is called shortsighted, not seeing the WHOLE picture.  In the Mayor’s eyes, Wal-Mart is guilty until proven innocent.


When we are more worried and it is more important about “Who" is doing something than "What" is being done, then urgent action is needed.  I expect a high degree of professionalism from everybody involved, as should others.


The Mayor's job responsibilities vary widely, but all are intended to ensure the well-being of the city and its people.  The mayor and council members have the responsibility of representing not only the people who elected them, but all citizens.  Council members also serve as a resource to the residents of their district, making sure they receive quality services and helping them to solve problems.  Priority must be given to the well-being of the city and its people.


A Recession is on the way - The sluggish U.S. job market deteriorated further last week, adding to troubling signs for an economy that barely grew in the final quarter of 2007.  One would think now is the time to get someone in before we are without a major retailer to anchor the complex.  Wal-Mart is willing to build, but the officials are dragging their heels.  


With 2 votes against the project already (Smith and Pavlic), a tell tale sign will be when the Wal-Mart proposal hits the plan commission.  We know who heads it!


It has also been requested that I post my original posts from the Public Forum; I will have them soon up in my Wal-Mart sidebar section.

  When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat. - Ronald Reagan  

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