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Crime Part I - How To Reduce Crime In Cudahy

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While we don't like to talk about it - or even think about it - crime is on the increase in Cudahy, America, and throughout the world.  The number of burglars, muggers, auto thieves, robbers, purse-snatchers, rapists, etc. are growing at an alarming rate.


Cudahy has a Blockwatch (some may know it be Neighborhood Watch), which works together with the police department to provide communication.  Working together, you can get the criminals off your block and out of your area.  There's safety in numbers and power through working with a group.  You'll get to know your neighbors better, and working with them you can reduce crime, develop a more united community, provide an avenue of communications between police and citizens, establish on-going crime prevention techniques in your neighborhood, and renew citizen interest in community activity.  The Blockwatch, headed by Vera Trifunovich, is a "Citizen Safety Project" that is set up to help do this.  They don't ask anyone to take personal risks to prevent crime.  They leave the responsibility for catching criminals where it belongs-with the police.  This is NOT a "vigilante group”!  This group gathers citizens together to learn crime prevention from the local authorities.  Criminals avoid neighborhoods where such groups exist.


We need you to cooperate with your neighbors to report suspicious activities in the neighborhood, to keep an eye on homes when the residents are away, and to keep everyone in the area mindful of the standard precautions for property and self that should always be taken.


Types of crimes:

Community safety (property crime) - burglary, larceny theft and auto theft

Slum Lords

Drug and alcohol-related crime

Identity crime

Gun crime

Youth crime/Gangs

Violent crimes/Homicides - murder, rape, robbery, assault


Do I think the Blockwatch is doing enough?  No!!  That will be a separate post that I am sure will be eye opening.  Don’t worry to the people who emailed me, I will not divulge your names or any information which could make your life miserable in the community and in the Blockwatch group.  Please, anyone not feeling comfortable posting just email me.  I am a very honorable person and will not betray your confidence.


I also think this is a community issue that has to be handled by the citizens at the grassroots level.  A good starting point would be to lead the charge of taking down the few derelict houses used for drug dealing, cleaning up the vacant lots and closing the bodegas that sell cheap booze, which pulls our neighborhood down.  Maybe an ordinance to deal with the “forties” that litter the parking lots or streets.  Cudahy has way too many bars and those that cause problems should be closed.  I’m not saying all bars should be closed, just the ones that jeopardize our city.


I am told that the increase in crime and gang activity in Cudahy is because of one judge in Cudahy who acts more like a defense attorney rather than a judge.  He went on to say that many of the Cudahy police are put off by this and many don’t arrest the individuals since the judge will let them off.  If this is true, then we have only ourselves to blame for keeping him in office.


Another point failed to be mentioned is the fact many of this lies with community leaders taking a back seat to actually improving their areas.  Business and government leaders have to work with the citizens to combat this problem.  As someone pointed out to me, “We can have all the development in the world and the greatest park system but, if everyone is afraid of going there then what's the point.”  And they are right.


I see people do not read the police reports about crime or check this website.  It is already HERE!!  Fear of crime is just an excuse.  Clicking our heels a few times will not make it go away.  Accepting it is here and doing something about it will.  We need to be proactive not just reactive.  A K9 unit would be great, since we don’t have one.


I plan on writing a post on each one of the types of crime and to what I think can be do to lower it.  I need your help, we need your help, and Cudahy needs your help to lower crime.  This can only happen if we all work together!


I am truly hoping that you, the person reading this, replies.  This is a problem we all face in our city.

 What crime do you think is most important to focus on first? 

How do you think we can reduce crime in Cudahy?

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