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What if NOT Wal-Mart?


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I cannot believe how many people hit my blog pages for the Wal-Mart info.  The numbers for me are astronomical!


The idea for a Cudahy sports facility came from Rob Gottschalk, an urban planning consultant for Vandewalle & Associates of Madison (who is helping with our Master Plan) who was hired by Cudahy to come up with a development plan.  Originally, the plan was to build a facility for indoor and outdoor youth soccer clubs.


Source Here


So, as you can see, the Wave center is the original idea for part of the complex’s original thought.  Everything still fits as it was intended.


To plan --------- is to do.


It is truly funny that Mayor McCue was so enamored with Continental Properties, about getting the land back, and now that they brought in Wal-Mart, while still critical, he offers nothing as far as a vision of what Utopia he would like on the site. 


Again, I find it truly shocking that it appears that the Mayor is the only one, kind of commenting on this, and none of the Alderman are piping up.  Since the proposed Wal-Mart and Cudahy Station appears to be one of the largest projects in the cities history, you would think that each of the Alderman would want to put their comments out on this.  The hits keep coming, because even though those against claim "everyone" says they don't want Wal-Mart, they truly do, they just don't want to stick up for the big man. 


Local officials must also be aware that a series of gatherings, telephone calls, or e-mails between a small enough number of officers so as not to trigger the law at one specific gathering may constitute an illegal meeting.  This involves what is sometimes called a "walking quorum.”  A "walking quorum" is a series of gatherings among separate groups of members of a governmental body, each less than quorum size, who agree, tacitly or explicitly, to act uniformly in sufficient number to reach a quorum.


Obviously, if it is something coming up for a vote (say a specific proposal), and the Aldermen e-mail it around, make comments, or share how they intend to vote, you have a walking quorum, and serious legal troubles for the city.  I am not asking how people are going to vote, just comment on how they feel.  Is that too much to ask?????


Did anyone oppose the City when they decided to develop the large portion of Ice Port into retail space?  Or was it once the name Wal-Mart was attached to the project?  I guess no one was very concerned about bringing any new retail business to Ice Port then lease this space and hope it is occupied and well maintained.


Wal-Mart is a destination point.  Most major shopping points are.


If the "NO WAL-MART GROUP" doesn't want Wal-Mart, what do they want to bring to Cudahy?  Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, a landfill, food processing plant, low income housing, race track, wind turbines, amusement park, what? Please be specific.  I keep getting emails that say things like “I don’t support Wal-Mart and would like anything else”, but I don’t have the answer since I am not paid to have one.


I don’t get paid to do any of this; I do it because it is the right thing to do!


I even get the people who tell me that Condos would be great – Look at the headlines, I don’t even know how we are going to sell the $350,000 ones.


Condo sales at a trickle due to stagnant market


The detractors offer no real criticisms and may be motivated just by their dislike for Wal-Mart rather than what is best for the city and its residents.  It is easy to shoot down a plan, but harder to have a plan.  When you ask the "NO WAL-MART GROUP,” what should go in there instead it is always the same answer, “Anything else.”  But what?


Wal-Mart shoppers from surrounding areas will quickly become acquainted with our locally, privately owned businesses.  They will join our community in recognizing the quality goods, outstanding customer service and personal attention given by these dedicated established business.  They will patronize local eateries, whether it be fine dining or fast food.


Senior citizens’ shopping would benefit from Wal-Mart’s low prices.  Their shopping experience will be enhanced because Wal-Mart graciously provides easily operated scooters for their shopping convenience.  They would have the opportunity to browse a multitude of items, many of which they cannot now buy any place in Cudahy except the small, old K-Mart. Shopping at a Cudahy Wal-Mart would also give those seniors who no longer care to drive to the malls an opportunity for more shopping options and a greater feeling of independence while having a chance to socialize at the same time.


I have no problem with holding Wal-Mart up to high standards.  Here are some pictures of a proposed Austin Texas Wal-Mart.  This to me is what would look enticing if the KRM or not happens.  Force Wal-Mart to make it stand out, that is fine with me!  This is what is possible.  The rectangle box store it doesn't have to be.





We accept the reality we’re presented with.


What you see depends on what you're looking for.


The only way to see a rainbow is to look through the rain.


Most of us can read the writing on the walls, we just assume it's addressed to someone else.


The past can hurt.  But, the way I see it, you can either run from it... or learn from it.


Hawaiians take ‘NIMBY’ attitude toward tourists


Hawaii locals say tourists make lousy neighbors.

Residents take not-in-my-backyard attitude toward encroaching rentals.

Hawaii's verdant volcanic peaks and crystalline waters have made tourism the state's biggest industry.

They complain that some of the visitors renting homes and rooms in their residential neighborhoods create noise, drive up home and rental prices and destroy the sense of community.


Wow isn’t this what people say Wal-Mart is doing to cities?  You can find anyone that will complain about anything, just as you can find statistics to back any claim.


Maybe Cudahy should not be looking at tourism if it can do all of that harm!  Tourism as bad as Wal-Mart.  You cannot make everyone happy.


Wal-Mart to supersize its 27th St. store


"Congratulations," said Alderman Timothy Solomon to Deborah Tomczyk, an attorney representing Wal-Mart. "We're not all against Wal-Mart just so you're aware.  You're bringing forth a very nice project."


At least some Franklin’s city officials are not afraid to stand up and say they support Wal-Mart.  We can learn a lot from our big brother, before we try and make the leap to Riverwest.


I leave you with this email from a Senior Citizen who emailed me.


I am currently 62 and will soon be retiring from a very physical and hard job.  I feel that I can be crotchety because I have earned the right.  Many of Cudahy’s problems are that the old guard didn’t have vision and the new guard is to rambunkshish to change Cudahy.  They feel it needs to be done before the three-year term is over. What is wrong with fixing the crime and economic conditions of Cudahy and not remaking it?  Why does it have to change?  The older you get the less you will like change.  You are full of energy and gumption which is good, but don’t forget your place in life. I do hope the Mayor makes the rounds in the old age homes and sits and talks to the people who made Cudahy about what they would like.  We don’t need him to impress his will on us, just listen to those whose blood and sweat and tears we are and still are the engine of Cudahy.  I would like the chance to shop a nice clean Cudahy Walmart.


It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession.  I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.

- Ronald Reagan

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