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Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box

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Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box

Will the recount state become the re-primary state?

Will voters in Michigan have their say in picking a Democratic candidate for president?

Political leaders in Florida and Michigan are talking about making sure voters in their states are included when it comes to choosing the Democratic nominee.

Both states held their Democratic presidential preference primaries early, in January. For that, the Democratic National Committee followed through on its warning and stripped both of their delegates for violating party rules by scheduling their primaries too early.

The Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign in either state, and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who won both states, was the only top-tier candidate on the ballot in Michigan. Florida and Michigan moved up their primaries because the states wanted to be sure their political clout was not lost to the four states that had Democratic Party permission to vote before the official kick-off of the primary season on February 5. Those four were Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Ok here is a major problem with all of this.  All of the delegates and state officials knew that moving the primary date would void their counting.  That was the rules made way before any of this posturing.

Hillary learned from Al Gore, just sue; get a judge to legislate from the bench (remember separation of powers).  So Hillary bought ads (not campaigning) while Obama did not because the votes would not count.


Hillary all along was going to fight this in court.


The court should respect the separation of powers, defer to the legislative branch, and resist the temptation, but they will not because most of the judges in power are liberal judges that think everything is open to interpretation just as former President Bill Clinton asked what does the word “IS” mean?  Judges are not to right a wrong, but follow the rules and laws that are established.


Just like Al Gore, every vote should count argument and it was not fair for the voters to be penalized.  The lesson here is if you don’t get the end result, ask for a do over or that the rules are not fair.  Bang a drum that votes will become disenfranchised if their votes don’t count.  Mistakes in voting have been going on since voting started, if in a football a referee makes a bad call and days later acknowledges the error, should the game or out come be changed.  It was not fair for the players or the team.  Not all calls are reviewable.  


Two questions for you!


One - If Hillary had a very big lead and had it locked up would this be in play?


Two – If the republicans did this how would the media view this?


Ok, three questions – Is it fair to change the rules in the middle of the game because you may lose?

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