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Death Penalty

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High court to weigh in on lethal injection for Death Row Inmates


Amendment VIII (the Eighth Amendment) of the United States Constitution, which is part of the U.S. Bill of Rights, prohibits excessive bail or fines, as well as cruel and unusual punishment.


I am for the Death Penalty!  I wish Wisconsin had it and that it was used more often in states that do.


It's interesting that no one, in these death row cases, ever discusses the victims of the people's crimes.  The media never discusses the families of those victims. Why is anyone caring about the rights of Death Row Prisoners?  If a person is truly guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, it is probably certain that they killed people without regard to their victims not feeling any pain.  Now these prisoners are complaining that they should be executed in a painless manner.  A criminal is sentenced for lethal injection, yet no one gives it to them.  Where in the constitution does it state that a convicted killer deserves better treatment than his/her victim?  If these criminals think getting a needle and going to sleep is cruel and unusual, then I say let their victims' families have their way with them for about an hour.


Please, give me a break!!  If you want to use a painful method of execution, bring back hanging to the United States.  It is painless if all is done correctly, but most of the time something indeed goes wrong, then it is very painful.  The person’s head could even be ripped off and it’s painful, for only a short time.  Remember hanging is still how the justice system in Iraq works.  Saddam Hussein, he found out how hanging feels.  Now he is dead.


Worried about pain?  All be it messy, the guillotine is painless and quick. 

Anyone that's known someone that died from cancer or some other horrible disease, surely if given a choice of a needle to end it all instead of withering in pain for months, would consider that relief and not cruel.  Strangely, the dying are legally limited on the amount of morphine they get for pain, something about lawmakers fearing addiction.  Death row inmates die a better death than decent citizens do.  Yeah, this makes sense.


Do we need to find another way to euthanize our animals?  They are put to sleep in the same fashion. 


We cannot let uncivilized people among the civilized or you have no civilized nation.  With irrefutable proof of guilt, I have no problem whatsoever with the death penalty.  It is the only sure way of keeping a murderer from hurting anyone else.  For those who think the death sentence does not deter the crime, I can prove you wrong very simply.  After the sentence is carried out, that person will not murder another ever again.  That is 100% effectiveness.  You cannot get any better than that.


True, by killing someone, you cannot undo the harm they did.  No, matter how you punish them.  Doesn't a civilized society protect the innocent?  Death row would not be so expensive if people were not on it for decades.  Finally, the eighth amendment is one of the most misconstrued, in my opinion.  I do not believe that the founding fathers would consider lethal injection cruel or unusual.  I simply think they were against torture.  Besides, what could you do to someone who chopped up his family with a meat cleaver that would be cruel or unusual? 


As long as executions are done behind closed doors, no one "fears" them.  When hangings were a public event kids grew up afraid of death if they broke the law.  When we started hiding the consequences, kids stopped respecting the law.  I’m not advocating for public executions...but I am saying we need to get some form of punishment back in the forefront and make it a punishment to go to jail so kids stop seeing it as a badge of honor.  What "punishment" is there for a street kid when going to jail means he gets 3 meals, a bed, heat, cable TV, a computer with the Internet, a chance to go back to school, a gym to work out in, etc?  We need to reinstate true consequences.  Imprisonment rewards murderers with lifelong medical and social care incentives.  Just imagine authentic reality TV if public executions did occur.  Let us go back to hanging and be done with it!


We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.  It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.


- Ronald Reagan

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