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Good Deal Might Not Be Real

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'Good deal' might not be real” was a headline in Feb. 17, 2008 Journal Sentinel.


The Mayor of Greenfield was shocked that an expensive place like Eggert Furniture, that was going out of business, was selling the same Chinese products just at inflated prices then taking big discounts off to make it look like a good deal.  He soon discovered that he could have bought the same set for less at a store that wasn't going out of business.  This exemplifies the fact that just because you pay a lot or it has a steep discount you don’t get a lot. 


Many places now pick up cheap Chinese products and sell it for much more to maximize profits.  In one way, you cannot blame them for doing so.  If the customer doesn’t do their homework and buys on a price point (low or high or a super sale) then you may end up unhappy.  Many people feel if they pay a lot that it must be a good product.  That may be true in some cases, but not all.  I am sure most of you are tried of hearing me talk about Wal-Mart, but this is a good case about it.  Many times Wal-Mart can use its clout and tell the manufacturer what price they are willing to pay, but many times all the buyer at Wal-Mart has to do is peruse an online catalog or make the trip to China.  Wal-Mart is not alone in this practice, that is what most retailers do now.


Contrary to what people want, businesses are in business to make money.  Let me clarify that, to make a profit and make money for the stockholders.  Many of you with your portfolios with stocks and mutual funds are stockholders.  We are living in a time where the pay for CEO’s is out of balance with the workforce.  Every company is trying to maximize profits, while lowering the expenses.  If you sell your house, you do the same thing.  Some places use tactics and antics that I would not use, but most do!


In the end, if you ask questions and do your homework, you will save yourself a major headache and money.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is not a good deal!



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