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State of Cudahy Address


After the January 30thMaster Plan” meeting, I was talking to Mayor Ryan McCue and asked if he was going to give a “State of the City” address.  He said that would be a good thing to do and hopefully in the next few weeks he would release one.  I think that would be great, which is why I asked him if he was going to do one.


I am not sure if Cudahy has done a "State of the City" address before or if I some how missed it over the years. 


I truly happy the Mayor is doing one called  "Meeting with the Mayor" from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, at the Cudahy Family Library, 3500 Library Drive.


I hope it becomes a yearly event.


Something with “Cudahy in 2007: Year in Review & Cudahy in 2008: Year in Preview” would be great.  I, for one, would like to know what may be in the plan for this year and how we did last year on issues like: 


Economic growth

Status of development and projects





In the area of public safety, traffic and pedestrian safety

Fire and Police departments

Where are we on your campaign pledges and promises?


We are a World, Nation, State, City, and Individuals who like to hear the statistics of how things are doing.  Give us the stats!


I know the Mayor does something like this in the newsletter and released a very nice statement in October on the 2008 budget.  I also know other cities do give them.  I am the type of person who not only works with an open door policy, but an open line of communication as well.  In the years of managing people and running a business, I found that to be the best practice.  Some of the stats that may come out may make people happy, sad, angry or just plain disappointed, but that is the truth.  Some facts are warm and some are cold.  You cannot hide behind them; they are what they are. 


Communication is so important and from reading things in the public forum, I get the feeling others agree.  I also get the sense that many feel as I do, not enough communication is happening with the government to the citizens and vice versa.  If you have been reading my blogs for any length of time, you know I have strong feelings about this issue.  There will be those that say, if you only come to the meetings at city hall you will get your answers.  That is yesterday talking, we need to hear today and see tomorrow to prepare for the future.  Besides, many meetings are closed to the public and those that are open, don’t appear to be bi-directional dialog with the council.  It is all so one-sided.  In an age of electronic media, there is no reason why information is not communicated.  It should not trickle down, but stream down.  Yes, I also know the minutes of the meetings are posted, but that doesn’t tell us how the Mayor and the counsel members feel.  Anyway, the state of the city has more to do with telling us how the Mayor sees things and how things are.


The “C” in communication can role over to become a “U” in unacceptable/unsatisfactory or it can stand up and become an “N” as in Necessary.  The choice is always there.  Communication does not lead to failure, but not communicating does.


I look forward to hearing or reading what the Mayor has to say.  I am not being over critical or negative towards the Mayor in anyway.  Just on a few issues which happen to be going on at these very moments it may seem like I am.  My biggest criticism of the Mayor and how he is running the local government is a lack of communication, mainly in the written format.  I, as many of you, don’t have the time to attend the meetings.  Yes, you can call him and he normally calls you back, but why should everyone have to do that.  Having written statements will cover a large audience.  People are on the Internet and want information!


After Mayor McCue gives the address, there will be a question-and-answer session, so come prepared with your questions.  Now is the time to have your voice heard and questions answered!

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