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Wal-Mart What IF

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After thinking about my comment that I don’t think Mr. Smith and Mayor McCue would be happy if Wal-Mart still built in Cudahy, just not on the Ice Port,  I have received a few emails that the people stated a Wal-Mart would be fine for Cudahy, just not on the Ice Port land.  After seeing what Austin Texas Wal-Mart will look like, I think that would be perfect if the KRM would come true (If it does, I hope they get private funding for it, not taxes).


When time offers you an opportunity, you don’t ignore it!


Don’t let life’s opportunities pass us by!


Cudahy needs to turn the page on the Iceport!


Maybe, others and me are just the odd ducks out there that believe that this would be good for the community. 




I know it would be good.  Again, we will not convince those that are just against Wal-Mart, it is getting to those who are on the fence.


Those against like to say stuff like, bad business practice (as if selling items at very high prices gouging people is okay, just don’t sell items at a low price) or it is the first shiny thing to be proposed and why be in a rush to put something there (as if the TIF gets frozen or empty land brings in money, or looks good – blight then doesn’t matter), don’t forget the crime (looked into that, not that big of a deal), then it is doesn’t represent the city (Cudahy is working class, Wal-Mart is for the working class). 


The truth is that it does not represent what they want Cudahy to become, not what Cudahy is or has been.  People wakeup, they want to raise the image and it starts by saying no to the Wal-Mart, then get those people who don’t represent the future out.  Send a message, tell them we want this Wal-Mart because we like who we are.  We don’t need to be Whitefish Bay, but Cudahy.  We can improve our image while keeping our core and soul.


It was nice to see some national ink on this issue.  It didn’t paint the Mayor in a good light and he represents the city and us.  So, I guess it didn’t make us look good.  Kind of made us look like bigots and snobs.  


I am thinking aloud here - Also, I wonder about a possible agreement (at the CDA level), between Cobalt Partners and the CDA & City on the Penn and Layton site.  I am wondering what is up on that site, and if, by strange chance, Wal-Mart could be working behind the scenes with Cobalt, if the Continental (Ice Port) site falls through?


I wonder if those that clamor, no strike that, firmly in the “Against” camp how they would feel about that.


While I know there is no hurry on Milwaukee's part to move the land, I wonder if this is true. 


I know, everyone knows, that most of this is an old dumpsite.  The question has always been how much and who pays for the clean up, and can you get enough development on the site, to make it worthwhile? 


The numbers on the environmental were anywhere between $6 million to $10 million to clean up, and thus you would need anywhere between $40 to $50 million on the site, to make it worthwhile (from one of the CDA meetings). 


In the beginning, there was a brownfield

Then cement and steel started to rise and grow

Now they rust and are falling down


Water was to flow

And ice was to grow

But that all evaporated


Then the giant was called to come

He was invited and asked to help us grow

A fight is brewing with the Mayor and his followers


The leaders fear the giant

They don’t want to see the city grow

Much happier they would be to change or pretend we are someone else


We are working class, not upper class

We will continue moving forward and to grow

All we need is support and for them to know who we are


For we are Cudahy


- Randy Hollenbeck

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