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David vs. Goliath

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I don’t know where the city stands in the issue of the Eminent Domain on the two bars in Cudahy, it was in the infancy, and I am not sure if it has grown up or faded away. 


In the online article from “Good times still flowing on Cudahy's Packard Avenue” Mayor McCue said "The taverns that are undesirable are fading away," as I pointed out in my post “The Mayor and I” was confusing to which Mayor Ryan McCue was doing the interview.  Talking out of both sides of his mouth is not something the Mayor should be doing.  Straight answers are what we need.


Are the bars in question fading away or are the Mayor and the council going to proceed on the Eminent Domain?  I should stop into the bars in question, take some pictures and talk to the owners and show everyone them.  If someone knows the owners, please let them know I will try and find time to have their side of the story heard.  It would be nice if they would publicly post on my blog.


As I have stated before, I would hope the city would use that power on the vacant Kohl’s Food Emporium building just north of Layton Ave in the heavily eyed downtown revival.  From City Lounge you can see the decrepit Kohl’s lot.  There is graffiti on the building and the vacant building is looking blight, paint chipping away.  See pictures below.  I was not fast enough to get the camera out and take pictures of kids playing on the parking lot during school hours.


To me and many that have emailed me, that makes common sense, use it at the Kohl’s building. 


While in the shower the other day, I was thinking - Is the city not doing the Eminent Domain at the VACANT land or building because they don’t want to occur the cost of litigation of fighting with big powerful property owners and it is EASIER to pick on the small businesses who will not have large cash reserves?  (Being a small business owner myself, this is worrisome.)  If it is not those, then we have a bigger problem.  Someone’s ego is dictating this.


McCue said he is prepared not only to "put an end to the Iceport" but also to control taxes, ensure safe neighborhoods, eliminate blight and hold absentee landlords accountable for their properties.


That must not have included vacant business properties.


While I am told Dusty’s is not in good shape, there are other ways of correcting the situation.  Either forcing the business to cleanup or pop them on legitimate violations taking away their liquor license.    


Hopefully between my posts Has the Genie already been let out of the bottle? and The Mayor and I many people will see the mixed message that the Mayor is sending.  Part of that is not his fault, but that of a politician playing politics.  Some feel you have to play on both sides of the fence and NEVER truly stand for something. 


I don’t agree! 


The Mayor is full of mixed messages, like he will end the Iceport debacle, yet gives them six more months.  People need to “Say what they mean” and “Mean what they say.”


Here is a comment that was left on about this issue:

“Nice upscale restaurants and bars are nice, but the Mayor should not rip the livelihoods out from under the current proprietors in order to accomplish this.  I agree with Hollenbeck, as current liquor license is turned in or taken away for a legitimate violation, then the city should be looking at upgrades.  The Mayor should not consider the use of Eminent Domain to tear down Cheers.”

And here is an email I received on the issue:

 "Randy, For what it's worth, I think you're dead on w/ the domain issue.  Viva Cudahy!"


You should ask yourself, “Why is the city not looking at bettering the city in these vacant buildings?”  Better then that, ask the city and the Mayor yourself.  As the Mayor said "There's a great potential for something better," and he is right, better and more productive then empty buildings that are VACANT and BLIGHT, he just has his sites set on the wrong locations. 


FYI – Someone had tipped me off that the city is looking at doing Eminent Domain to Fred's Auto Sales in Cudahy.  They also said if you look at last years minutes in June, Eminent Domain has been going on without us citizens.  Yes, we can go to the meetings, but maybe “WE” should be voting on the use of it!



Someone asked me if I hate the city and the Mayor and the answer is NO!  Just a few of the topics and things happening in the city I strongly don’t agree with.  I am not picking on the Mayor.  I am picking on the issues that he in turn supports that I disagree with.  We all have our first amendment rights of free speech and I am using mine.

Here is someone who does,




You should be able to see the difference between him and me.


Bill of Rights - Amendment I


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


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