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Making Sense of Wal-Mart

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One of the battle cries of those against Wal-Mart, is that Wal-Mart is a threat and they run people out of business.  This may or may not truly happen.  It could be just that those businesses did not want to have the competition, or they closed for other reasons.  Many of the small companies just make bad business decisions and it is easier to have a scapegoat like Wal-Mart than blame themselves for their mistakes.


I hope you either saw Joe Henika’s comments originally in Wal-Mart What If post or looked back at them from my post called Why Woo Wal-Mart?


Any way you look at it, Joe Henika is right on the mark with his comments on Wal-Mart.

Wow, even in retirement, he still knows how to power pack a statement.  He can write as much as me!  I love long-winded, detailed packed info.


Now, I am truly wondering if the city (as he says) boxed themselves into a corner on this one.  I wonder if he had read the stipulation and what the city agreed to, when they signed off on this one.  THAT, could explain why Mayor McCue and other elected officials remain very quiet on this one.  It all starts to make sense people.  They may have been told in closed session by legal counsel, to keep their mouth's shut, not to further damage the cities position. 


I wonder whom the city is using, or was using when they stopped the foreclosure matter.  Atty. Tom Duggan (now deceased) of DeWitt Ross and Stevens had represented the city however, I don't know who advised them on the stipulation, and on signing it. 


Now, it becomes clearer why this thing will drag on, probably for years, and why the claim in civil court is not settled.  This could become really interesting to watch, but may pull Wal-Mart off the table and actively onto another site.  How sad all of this lobbying and work wasted.  One thing we did find out is Cudahy people want Wal-Mart.  Okay two – We now know how and what some of are elected people are made of.


I wonder if the site Joe is talking about is around the SW Corner of Pennsylvania and College, while I have no proof, that is right on the South Milwaukee and Oak Creek border.  Someone was out there in late fall doing survey work after Van Beck closed.  I guess it would be good since we lost GE to Muskego from the Ace World Wide Industrial Park.  Too bad Mayor McCue didn’t fight for that one was much as he did for the bowling association.


Here is a response I received in email in rebuttal to my post “Who is against the Wal-Mart.”  I am very grateful that the person emailed me in a very nice way.  I didn’t get the line like, “You are doing the devil’s work” or a bunch of cuss words.  The person doesn’t share my viewpoint and was able to show their viewpoint in a constructive manner, to which I commend them.  I promised them I would use some or all of it in one of my posts.  This is all of it and my notes/response in red.  Sorry I didn’t get to it sooner, but I have a lot to say and have written a lot.


I did pose one question to them, and that was “Are you in the age bracket I pointed out?”  To which they said “Yes.”


This is what I am going to call my fair and balanced post.  Showing the flipside on my blog (which is my point of view and my opinions) with my response and notes.



 In response to the on-going discussion about “who is against the Cudahy Wal-mart,” my experience with the people I’ve talked with is everyone.  I have yet to talk to an acquaintance, neighbor or friend in the city that supports the proposal.  Mind you, I think there is a place for Wal-mart and I believe in the free market.  However, the use of the Ice Port land should be used for something logical and better, not the first (or next) shinny object dangled in front of the Common Council.  I don’t want the City motto to read, “Cudahy-A place to comparison shop.”  (Who and how many is everyone?  How was the question asked?  Is the place for Wal-mart in Cudahy?  What is logical?  What is on your list instead of Wal-Mart that is realistic – remember who was already asked and didn’t want to build here?)


This should not be a debate about fixed incomes or shopping choices, it should be about moving out of the shadow of a city that has been stagnant at best in becoming a destination (going to a place to buy discounted sweatshirts does not a destination make) (a little Yodaism).  Strides, though few, are being made to draw people to the city.  And, yes, I believe there are untold possibilities to make that happen.  Your article extolling the merits of what makes Cudahy a great city are many of the attributes we need to exploit.  A Wal-mart smack in the middle will hurt that developmental coup.  And yes, the Mayor is right about the City’s image being a major, albeit not the only, area of developmental consideration.  (Remember my post on Who is against the Wal-Mart – Profiling, this individual fit it perfectly, correct age, talk about destination)


We don’t need to be another Franklin or Germantown or West Bend.  We need to be the only Cudahy (apologies to Cudahy, CA).  In addition, have you noticed where the Wal-marts in the area seem to be located?  They’re not in the middle of a downtown revitalization!  Also, if we have seven within 40 miles of Milwaukee (the Journal Blog you site left off Franklin), what is the point of another.  (What is all included as downtown in Cudahy?  Where is Franklin’s downtown?  Do we really need a downtown in this day and age?  Franklin was left off, because the article was about Wal-Mart Supercenters to which Franklin’s is not one YET!)


As far as the Milwaukee Wave facility, isn’t that an Ice Port with artificial turf?  And what revenue benefit will that generate for the City?  Enough said.  (Remember the original concept of the Iceport was for soccer.  They are correct, the Wave is just like the Iceport and the revenue generated is done by people driving to it and spending money in Cudahy)


The e-mail from the fixed-income resident states “you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.”  That’s exactly the defeatist attitude that perpetuates our image and sentences us to looking at a Wal-mart as the savior for the Ice Port site.  This is a process that needs time and a vision beyond our immediate boarders; and not a lot of time necessarily.  This is when the “work smarter, not harder” adage could not be more true.  (Wal-Mart is not the savior, but a piece of the puzzle – yes work smarter, not harder could not be more true even about spending money – Buy smarter which is working smarter and spend as little as you can and don’t spend a lot is not harder) 

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!’  Then get busy and find out how to do it.

-         Theodore Roosevelt

 -         (Not my quote - I don’t think I would agree with Theodore Roosevelt about being less than honest up front)

If we don’t let Wal-Mart into Cudahy will that make everything better?  High paying jobs will come to Cudahy right? 


I wish high pay jobs for unskilled workers were around.  It is no longer the 60’s anymore, where you could drop out of high school and get a job like that.  People need skills today.


I am tired of people talking as if everyone that works at Wal-Mart is the sole provider for the family.  In most families both people work.  Many of these Wal-Mart types of jobs supplement other income or for those still in school.  Not everyone is single or unmarried with three kids.


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