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Sidewalk II – No Talk, Means No Walk

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Well, I still have not heard from the powers that be on the potential death trap.  The safety of pedestrians and children is paramount and safety must not be one of their pledges or concerns. 


That truly is sad!  If they only cared a little bit, a tiny amount, but it appears they don’t. 


If this sidewalk were missing downtown, then it would get attention.  Funny how they consider the Cudahy Station downtown and just two roads over is the one in question that needs the sidewalk.


What about “Numerous sidewalks slated for rehab this year to ensure safety” or “The reconstructed roadway will serve as a major link between a heavy industrial area and the Lake Parkway "and  City Engineer Craig Faucett said addressing the stretch of roadway (South Whitnall and Ladish avenues) now is prudent because of planned redevelopment in the area that could yield higher volumes of traffic” With the increase of traffic will come an increase in accidents.


Plans also call for constructing a sidewalk on the west side of the roadway. Faucett said it would serve as a pedestrian route for students attending Cudahy Middle School, which is located nearby at 5530 S. Barland Ave. Elected officials have largely been supportive of the proposal. "This is a big item, but I am comfortable with this," Mayor Ryan McCue said.


Do we even need a downtown anymore?  Does it have the same impact as days gone by?  I love how they describe the revitalization of downtown.  If you forgot, here it is:


Share our vision for the future of downtown Cudahy - a revitalized "heart of the South Shore.”  Picture public and private reinvestment, social and business activity, and high-quality places, all connected to the world by pathways, parkway, interstate, rail, and air.   Envision the opportunity to live work, and invest in our downtown.  With new conveniences and amenities, the vision for Cudahy's future includes a high-quality-of-life for its residents; new pedestrian-oriented improvements provide access to a marketplace, a new library, and a pedestrian mall.  Nearby transportation facilities, employment opportunities, recreation facilities, businesses, and restaurants provide convenient.1


See how they talk about pedestrian-oriented improvements, yet no talk about this sidewalk issue.  Maybe you should call the Mayor or email him and demand something be done. 


Maybe if I was a developer, they would have jumped through hoops and put the sidewalk in or maybe I could have threatened them with pulling my projects out downtown unless this sidewalk is put in.  But, I cannot because, just like you, I am just a citizen, powerless with a voice.


I cannot even say, “That was it.  No more.  They gave up!”  To give up means they tried to do something.  The City has never acted to fix this problem or except for one email message from Alderman Mark Otto (just asking how I was thinking of paying for it) even acknowledge it.  I didn’t even get the standard line of a study must be done.  We don't need studies, we need action!


If Cudahy is going to attract young families to the area, it needs to present itself as a safe pro-homeowner locale.  Taking decisive steps to improve safety would facilitate that goal.  As most of you know, this is one of the goals, which I have been working hard to illuminate and rectify. 


Does this unwillingness show city leaders who want to improve the city or even care?  How does no action on this improve our city?  Doesn’t action on this truly improve the city?


How much did we the taxpayers pay to fly Mayor McCue to Atlanta for his stay to try and woo the bowling congress?  Could some of that money have been better spent on city improvements?  Maybe Mayor McCue spent his own money for the trip, I didn’t ask him.


My hope is that my advocacy finally draws a response from the Mayor or Common Council, and I hope the council indeed takes action to improve pedestrian and child safety, rather than treat this as a pro-forma or election-cycle exercise in lip-service. 


I know that the Council's collective willpower can make this happen.  Let's hope that the Council isn't daunted by the task, and works to achieve something that benefits all of us--a safer community. 


I do pray that no one gets hurt because a lack of a sidewalk, but if they do, they will have a good case in court.  They can easily prove negligence on the cities part, since the problem was brought to light.  Imagine our image if someone does get hurt.


Don’t worry, in the end it will only cost “WE” the taxpayers, the officials have personal protections called immunity.  We will pay for their failures, as we always do. 


If the city will not or cannot fix this, what hope do we have that they will be able to improve our image?


The status quo will not work.


Status quo, you know, is Latin for 'the mess we're in'. - Ronald Reagan


Please contact the Mayor and your district Alderperson and Alderman Mark Otto (since it is in his district) and tell them to do something about this.



Mayor Ryan McCue

Phone Number: (W) 769-2222

Address: 3927 E Plankinton Ave


Alderperson First District Joseph Mikolajczak

Phone Number: (H) 483-1255

Address: 3754 E. Plankinton Avenue


Alderperson Second District Mary Schissel

Phone Number: (H) 744-0420

Address: 3836 E Munkwitz Ave


Alderperson Third District Mark Otto

Phone Number: (H) 769-6626

Address: 3324 E Mallory Ave


Alderperson Fourth District Sean Smith

Phone Number: (H) 486-6221

Address: 5618 S Rosewood Ave


Alderperson Fifth District Name Thomas Pavlic

Phone Number: (H) 483-7116

Address: 6015 Summer Winds Ct



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