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Our Aging Community

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Have any of our city leaders done anything lately that would enhance life for the elderly?  I am not aware, does anyone know?  Can someone site a few examples or just one?  Maybe I missed it.  I am not perfect.


They are (not all of the city leaders) holding up the Wal-Mart Supercenter, which would benefit all, including those on a fixed income.  We could say that this is age discrimination.  I love to sit at McDonald’s while my daughter plays and talk with the older people about Cudahy.  One of the older fellas said, “The younger members of our community are pushing the elderly around and out.”


We need to show more respect for our elders, to do so would be to move forward with the Wal-Mart.


Here is what one of those productive vital aging members of our society said:


“We are still a working man’s community that has gotten older, but these people still have good ideas and are very frugal and do not need the fancy, but enjoy each other for who they are and where they came from.”


I am also reminded to what one of our aging community members said in the public forum:


“As one of the ‘old folks’, I would find having a Wal-Mart very convenient to shop.  I am on a fixed income and any money I can save would be a blessing.  I make the trip to Franklin’s Wal-Mart to shop and having one in Cudahy just down the street from me would save me money in gas, not to mention the savings on items.  Having a Wal-Mart grocery store included, again will save me money from Pick N Spend.  They have driven everyone else out.


I am old and not afraid of this so-called crime wave that these kids talk about.  I just need to save money!  Having a Wal-Mart will save me and all that shop there money.  When you kids are on a fixed income, you will know what I mean.  Selfish, no, this will save all money.”


In Japan, the elders command respect; in the U.S., we tend to forget about them.  It is easier to place them in a group home than allow them to live in their homes.


A city like Cudahy reaches an aging tax base that has been shrinking and the city simply needs more money.  We cannot simply do it by forcing out the aging.  We must show the moral courage to do what is right.


Some called our identity problem the "other east-siders" attitude, that we had to have the ice port to raise our image, and make us into a River Hills, Whitefish Bay, and the other north shore communities.  Why not try and be Cudahy?  Looks like someone may have North Shore envy!  Get over it, this is the South Shore!!!!


My neighbor Wally, who is on a fixed income, came over to me this last summer and said, “Did you read the paper?  Whitefish Bay is trying to run the elderly out!  I sure hope Cudahy doesn’t try that!”


I am sure I will get an outcry of people in the 30-40’s segment saying something like “Let us not make this about age or about fixed incomes (real meaning – I don’t care about them, just me.  How does it affect me?), but what is best for the future.”  While that is all good and dandy, the elderly need it now, not in the future.


I know these people mean well but some are only capable of doing the right thing when it benefits them.  It is about ageism and control of the future.  It is too bad a compromise cannot be made.  For the 30-40’s segment opposing Wal-Mart it is all or nothing.  Of course, I get the “The Ice Port site is not right, let Wal-Mart come to Cudahy later and somewhere else!”  If only they were being truthful.


Where and when?


As the 40 crowd moves to the 50 crowd, they will be clamoring to save money, then asking “Where is my Wal-Mart?”!!!


As a fixed income person, they want to save money while shopping the Cudahy Wal-Mart, so don’t be surprised when they tell you “YES”.


In the 2007 fall/Winter newsletter, Mayor McCue talked and welcomed Sears Outlet Store – “items at affordable prices” he said.  Wow people can shop rejects, scratch, dents, and closeouts at the outlet store, just as long as it is not a Wal-Mart.


That outlet reflects the new Cudahy, right?  It is not, umm...What was it?...Oh yeah, “it feels too downscale.”


An outlet mall for me would be great.  But why would an outlet mall be okay if Wal-Mart is not?  What is your reason (speaking to those people against Wal-Mart)?


It is time to show some respect and get going on this Wal-Mart project and start saving money.  If not for us, but for our elders!


One cannot be too old or too smart to tell the truth!


Government exists to protect us from each other.  Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.

-          Ronald Reagan

 Wal-Mart milk to have no artificial growth hormones

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