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History Repeating

Cudahy, Education, school

School district may study potential school closing


“...Student enrollment continues to decline...

Because of its low student population, Gen. Mitchell Elementary School because the building has high facility and maintenance needs or Park View Elementary School because it offers the best possible opportunity for the district to sell the property due to its location in a commercial neighborhood.  Park View is about the same size as Gen. Mitchell, Heiden said.”


What a minute, I have seen this same thing happen before.  Brookfield and Hartland have done this same thing.  Here is how it goes – A study is done conveying enrollment will continue to decline (Remember the Mayor and our officials are working on turning Cudahy around) and a school needs to close and be consolidated to save money.


The plan will be to close Park View to sell the land for commercial use.

Then when enrollment increases, they will clamor, “We need to build a new school.  This will be a state of the art school.  Our class sizes are too large to have effective teaching.  We need to do it for the students.”

How about we keep the class sizes down, wait out the dip in enrollment and save ourselves MILIONS.  Don’t fall for the cost saving we will have by closing the school, because we will have to reinvent the wheel a few years later costing us more.

I am not against updating schools!  We need to give our students the best we can within reason.  Closing a school to build a new one down the road is not the way to handle this.

This is not to mention the safety zone a school provides for the sex offender ordinance that will be lost.  Okay I guess I mentioned it!


Just say “NO” to closing the schools.


Cudahy enrollment dropped nearly 4% between 2005-'06 and the subsequent school year, more than a percentage point over the decline Milwaukee Public Schools had in the same period.




Cudahy’s city Population (year 2000): 18,429.  Estimated population in July 2006: 18,051 (-2.1% change)




One would think that on Cudahy’s School District web site

You would have a section with stats.  Again another City website with no stats.  Am I the only one interested in numbers?  And the city officials cannot understand why people are not interested or engaged.  They truly don’t want us to be.  They like us in the dark!


Where are the test score information or the money spent section?  Maybe it is there buried.



Attention – All city websites should have a section called Key stats and figures!

Cudahy School District ranking 5 out of 10

At this web site you can see how Cudahy ranked in Math and Reading


Again items that should be on the website.


Here is the open letter from Superintendent James P. Heiden incase you missed it.


Impact of Declining Enrollment


By James P. Heiden

School District of Cudahy


Posted: March 27, 2008

March 27, 2008


An Open Letter to the Citizens, Families and Employees of the School District of Cudahy;


Recently the Administration received a request from a School Board Director to research the financial, educational and political impact of closing an elementary school.  The request came as a result of a report that was presented to the school board on our declining enrollment.


This past year the District lost over 100 students.  The decline is considered significant and plans need to be made if the enrollment would continue to decline at that rate.


The Board of Education and Administration believe that it would be in our best interest to develop an ad hoc committee to study the financial, political and educational impact of declining enrollment.  The committee would report back to the Board of Education with specific recommendations for them to consider.


I cannot stress enough that we are not closing a school in 2008-2009 school year.  We need to study the trends, explore the options, create potential timelines and then make specific recommendations to the Board of Education that may or may not include closing a school for the 2009-2010 or 2010-2011 school years.


The Board will discuss this issue further on Monday, April 14th and again on Monday April 28th.


If you are interested in serving on the ad hoc committee, please contact me at my office at 294-7403 or by email at


Thank you for your continued support of our schools!


James P. Heiden



In a separate but related note – I do support Bob Grams for School Board.  I have not always seen eye to eye with him, but he would do a great job on the School Board.


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