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Real Voter Intimidation

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This is the truth of real voter intimidation, not to be confused with what the liberals claim the republicans are doing about Voter ID.  I covered that in detail in another post “Voter ID


During the last election in 2006, my neighbor across the street, who normally is a liberal, decided this time he was voting for Mark Green and some other republicans.  He is part of the union and was told that he needs to vote democratic.  He saw me putting up my “Dump Doyle signs” and asked if he could have one, so I gave him one. 


He proudly displayed it.


The next day I saw the sign was down and asked him what happen.  He told me he got worried that the union would do something about his union benefits if they saw the sign.  His union steward lives just up the block from him.  Union power, in part, comes from cowing their members into being afraid of the union power.


Now with all the liberals saying that the conservatives are responsible for voter intimidation here is a real example of them, the liberals, doing it?  He talked to a few of the TV stations and he didn’t want his name used so they didn’t run the story.



I've never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a 'fat cat' and a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a 'public-spirited philanthropist'.

-          Ronald Reagan


If Cudahy wants to mimic Bayside


If Mayor McCue wants to be more upscale like Bayside, start with making Cudahy safe and pedestrian friendly like they are doing.  Start small like a sidewalk on Whitnall Ave and Layton.  I guess they are worried of safety and use I understand it is near the school.


Here is an article from foxpoint now.

Sidewalks considered near school

Bayside officials are exploring putting sidewalks around Bayside Middle School due to worries about student safety.

At the same time, officials are working on community bicycle routes and street safety in general with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, Police Chief Bruce Resnick reported to the Bayside Village Board on Feb. 21.

Students are encouraged to ride bicycles or walk to school for physical fitness. 

The main proposed sidewalk would be on North Pelham Parkway from East Brown Deer Road running north to the school on Ellsworth Lane.  The other two shorter proposed walks would be on stretches of Ellsworth and East Standish Place.

These three roads are so narrow that school buses cannot pass each other, Resnick said.  Children are climbing snowbanks to get out of the street, only to slide down the slippery banks, he said.  Parents picking up or dropping off children also add to the dangerous mix, he said.

There is enough room for the proposed sidewalks, he said.

"The unconscious democracy of America is a very fine thing.  It is a true and deep and instinctive assumption of the equality of citizens, which even voting and elections have not destroyed.”  -  G. K. Chesterton, What I Saw I

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