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Cudahy's Image Problem

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Image - form; appearance; semblance, the general or public perception of a company, public figure, etc., esp. as achieved by careful calculation aimed at creating widespread goodwill, to picture or represent in the mind


Illusion - something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.


Improve - to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition, to make (land) more useful, profitable, or valuable by enclosure, cultivation, etc., to increase in value, excellence, etc.; become better


Don???t confuse image and illusion.


As many people feel Cudahy needs to improve its image, one must reflect on the meanings of the words.  Also, many people feel Wal-Mart???s image is less than desirable.


Is it that Wal-Mart paranoia of the community and the perception that is unfounded and untrue?  I think so.


Why is Wal-Mart okay for Delafield, Pewaukee, Germantown, Mukwonago, Muskego, and Franklin???s image?  Do you think the Mayor of those cities feels the same as Mayor McCue?  Has McCue even talked to his counterparts?  By the way, all of those cities have higher income levels then Cudahy!  Is that not what we are trying to achieve?  Maybe having a Wal-Mart and increasing the standard of living has something to do with it.


What is the image of Cudahy?  Some think of the amount of bars we have, the smell of Patrick Cudahy, industrial, the parks, crime, a city losing companies and people, old, poor, dying, trucks, aged, old JC Penney???s outlet store, dirty, high taxes, pay loan, used car lots, and tariff free zone.  That is the comments I have received while traveling around the metro Milwaukee are asking people.


Do we have an image problem or is it perceived?  What does the survey or studies show?


Wal-Mart???s image is in harmony with Cudahy!  Both working classes.  My brother-in-law lives in a $750,000 home in Germantown and doesn???t feel Wal-Mart degrades his city.  He loves to shop and save money.  When you think of Germantown or Franklin, honestly, do you think of Wal-Mart?  Does Wal-Mart even represent a city???s image?  Answers are rhetorical.


A cities image is what would be on the cities flag or logo if you were to design one.  Look at Milwaukee???s flag, which has not been updated in many years.  Honestly, would any city put a retail establishment on it?  Would Menomonee Falls put Kohl???s department stores (Their corporate headquarters is there) on their flag?  First off don???t go searching the Internet, they don???t have a flag yet.  Answers are rhetorical.


Where is Ladish or Patrick Cudahy on our logo?  Do they represent Cudahy?  What does?


Why is this such a hang-up for a few that have chips on their shoulders and feel Wal-Mart is the devil.  Attitude Adjustment!!! Get over your paranoia and self-image problem.  It is just my mirror theory in reverse.  Don???t be so self centered and self involved to think Wal-Mart defines Cudahy.  Many of the people against the Wal-Mart are just lashing out for some personal shortcomings or resentment.  We all know the joke and clich?? ???When men buy fast expensive cars.??? 


As I have said before, the community makes the store, not the store makes the community.


Does our maybe city ???image problem??? keep out-of-towners away?  How is our business climate?  Could the real problem be Cudahy suffers from not having a specific marketing plan or the marketing has lacked vision?  If it is image, is it the citizens??? fault?  Is the image problem big or small?


If you look at the story, ???City's image needs a boost before shoppers will come???


It states ???Area business owners shared ideas for promoting economic growth in Cudahy, including opening a movie theater, a national-franchise restaurant and a name-brand outlet mall.???


I am positive the wording outlet mall just scares and makes Mayor McCue cringe.  If we are trying to improve, our image will and outlet mall that sells ??? scratch and dents, seconds, discontinued items improve our image?


How is Wal-Mart not coming to town going to help our image?  What about the crime and amount of bars and problem bars, oh wait Mayor McCue when asked about the problems presented by taverns, McCue pointed to the charitable work and team sponsorships of many bars and chuckled and said the city has "a very fine police department" to take care of any problems.


Cudahy may not be Darfur, but it is not the Garden of Eden, either!


"The reformer is always right about what is wrong.  He is generally wrong about what is right.???  - G. K. Chesterton ILN 10-28-22

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