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Wal-Mart & Traffic

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Some people, when they hear the word “Traffic,” think negative thoughts like traffic jams/grid lock.  While some people hear the word “Traffic,” think positive thoughts of increased people, money, and growth.


Be honest, when you hear the word “Traffic” what comes to mind?


Someone in email told me, “Those who see traffic as a negative have their minds closed and those who see it as positive have their minds open.  If you have your mind closed off, you will only see the negative side of things.  The Mayor must have his mind locked up not just closed off since he doesn’t want to see the positive Wal-Mart and the traffic will bring.”


Now for a store to be successful, it must have high traffic.  It would be a shame to have Wal-Mart fail, but at times it does seem Mayor McCue wants that.  One would think that he would want Wal-Mart to truly succeed, if it does come.  I am not sure he does.  I think he would rather see Wal-Mart fall on its face, then have them be successful in Cudahy.  Just so, he can say, “Told you so!”


Having higher traffic will benefit the businesses around.  Maybe it will make the Citgo on Pennsylvania and Layton more competitive.  The Citgo on East Armour Ave and South K.K. almost always has lower gas prices then the Citgo on Pennsylvania and Layton.  Even Venus Ford uses the Citgo on East Armour Ave and South K.K. instead of the one on Pennsylvania and Layton.


Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?  Not!  The Citgo on Pennsylvania and Layton is right next door.


Don’t trust me, watch for yourself.


"The skeptics, like bees, give their one sting and die."

-         G. K. Chesterton (Alarms and Discursions)


Cudahy should back Wave project


Source: The Business Journal Of Milwaukee


It is rare when a community gets a chance to fix a failed project.


But that's the position Cudahy is in as Continental Properties Co. is pushing ahead on a proposal for a Wal-Mart Supercenter and a Milwaukee Wave training academy on the site of the failed Iceport project.


The Iceport hockey rink development was started in 2004 on a 26-acre site south of East Layton Avenue.  But the project ran into financing difficulties and was not completed.


Cudahy officials made a last-minute pitch last week to get the U.S. Bowling Congress to locate at the site.  But that effort failed.


Now it is time for Cudahy to approve Continental Properties’ proposal and turn the abandoned site into a taxpaying development.

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