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Is it Fair & Right?

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Have you checked out Oak Creek’s Woodman's at 8131 S Howell Ave. & Forest Hill just between Drexel and Puetz next to the old AC Delco?  As of writing this, I have not been there.


From the people I have talked to, prices are jaw dropping low.  I thought they would be, since Pick N’ Save did the big 5000 lower price item campaign.  I am told they have 59 cent heads of lettuce and very low price fruits (strawberries at 99 cents).


They have Mexican Coke there.  Made with sugar cane not corn syrup.  They have a polish gingerbread cookie with an apple filling that any 3 yr old would like.  (It is in the international food section in a bag.)


Just remember no credit cards.


I was also told that during the weekend the checkout lines are long and you can save yourself some time if you go after work.


Now on to the “Is it Fair & Right?” part.


The Woodman's in Oak Creek is a 237,000-square-foot store and stocks around 67,000 to 70,000 items.


Woodman's prices are generally around 12% lower than prices at Pick 'n Save. (p.s. Woodman's is open 24 hours a day)


That all sounds great Randy, so where is the problem, you know, “Is it Fair & Right?”


Glad you asked…


Is it Fair & Right for this store to take away customers, sales, and profits from Pick N’ Save?  Come on people, those against the Wal-Mart for Cudahy you know the answer.  You have to answer YES or you are a hypocrite.


Hypocrite - a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives


Then again, most of you against the Wal-Mart are hypocrites and just hate Wal-Mart.  I wish you could just own up to the real reason you are against the Wal-Mart. 


Unfortunately, you don’t have real morals or integrity, which is why you cannot admit to everyone the truth of why YOU don’t want the Wal-Mart to come to Cudahy.


The irony of this is that those against Wal-Mart say they are looking out for folks.  But apparently not the working folks!


Your claim is that this will hurt Pick N’ Save and people don’t need a bigger selection.

Pick 'n Save stores average 70,000 square feet and contain 15,000 items.


So, Woodman’s is doing the very same thing.  Please don’t shop the Woodman’s then, since you would have to get off your high horse.  I will love shopping there and hopefully someday the Cudahy Wal-Mart Supercenter.


Wait, there is more.


In some ways, Woodman's resembles Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the nation's largest supermarket operator, through its heavy buying power and low cost structure. 


Ouch…  That must sting…


That was a battle cry for you.  Put Woodman’s on your hate list.  It's a trend to blame Wal-Mart so consider yourself posh.

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