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Two must have items

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If you suffer from back pain these, two items are great.


Three years ago, I had back surgery.  My back still gets sore and I have a hard time sleeping.


Of course, I found these two items at Wal-Mart.  Such a savings place!  I could save more if I didn’t have to drive so far out of Cudahy.


First, is a muscle, joint and arthritis pain relief gel.

I have tried all of the others on the market, Ben Gay, Flex 454, Icy Hot, etc…  My physical therapist showed me a product call Biofreeze and told me Wal-Mart sells the generic version for almost 1/3 the price.


It is called Freeze It, costs about $9 and comes as a spray and gel.  It works the best!!  First, it has an odor that disappears.  It starts out hot and then goes to a cooling sensation.  I have friends that use this after their workouts.  I have not found anyone that has tried it that doesn’t like it.  Made in America!


Second is a visco-elastic foam pillow.  Sells for around $18.  It is a high-density foam with the feel of plush.  It is temperature smart foam adjust to your shape and movement.  It features a zippered cover (fits standard pillowcases) Made in America 5 year warranty!


This has made sleeping so much easier and longer.  I have not tossed and turned because of not having a comfortable pillow.  I have gotten better sleep, which in turn make my back feel much better.


I strongly recommend these two items.  You can pick them up at the Franklin Wal-Mart, since ours has not been liberated yet.



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