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Crime Part III - This is NOT an Unsolvable Problem

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This is Part III of many on my series of Crime.  Crime Part I - How To Reduce Crime In Cudahy , Illegal Aliens in Cudahy , and Crime Part II – The Statistics for Cudahy were the first installments.


I believe that positive outlook and hometown pride are contagious and so does the Mayor, since he said so at the State of the City meeting and I believe it was genuine.  And as much as we do to fix things up on the backend, the real key for our future rests in sparking that home-town pride in our young people.  They are our future.  We must find a way to keep the younger generation engaged and connected to the city.  The more they care about the city, the less likely they would do things to harm the city and the people that live in it.


During the State of City meeting, a woman in the crowd said that some boys were hanging around her car, sitting on it and causing a problem.  So, her boyfriend and her kept walking by them asking them how they were doing.  Finally, after weeks of this, she politely asked them not to hang around and they complied.


We need to get back to knowing the neighbors and making our neighbors our friends.  We need city spirit and the Mayor and his staff need to act like the cheerleaders to pump up the citizens.


Indeed, I see a rising spirit across our entire city but that is not enough.  How we are treating each other plays an importation factor in deterring crime.  It’s not size.  It’s not money.  The better we treat each other, that is the true test of a city and its people.  A modest size city where people treat each other well will attract much positive things to it, everything that it needs to keep safely moving forward.  People need a reason to stay, people need a reason to move here, just having visitors come to our city and work and shop is not enough.  Our city needs to be SAFE!


During this same meeting, a man in the crowd asked the Mayor what more can we do to make running and playing in the parks and around the neighborhood safer.  The man was not talking about what could the police do, but US!


We all have to understand that any crime hurts us and the city.  Many juvenile crimes are considered petty to some and “So what?” they say, but if left unchecked, they permit more serious crimes to flourish.  We need action taken on these youth crimes now and that can only be done by shifting to real solutions.  I hope people open their eyes and fight back by getting involved in the neighborhood.


One of the most effective deterrents to crime is the availability of jobs.  People who have opportunities and hope for the future are far less willing to risk their personal future by engaging in criminal activity.  Some of these kids that are getting into trouble simply are bored and have very little to do besides getting in trouble.  This new proposed Wal-Mart would help with jobs for these kids and adults in Cudahy, especially those with little or no skills.


The crime issue in the city has consistently and constantly undermined any notion of recovery and revitalization or renaissance in this city.  As Alderman Joseph Mikolajczak said to me, “My thought is what good is any development if people are afraid to go there?  This includes parks.  We need to take back our city and put up a sign that says Welcome to Cudahy; Scumbags enter at your own risk.”  He is absolutely right.  It is time to liberate our city from the crime that hits us all.

  Welcome to Cudahy, Scumbags  

   Thanks to Alderman Joe Mikolajczak for the picture!

As Milwaukee does its cracking down on gang violence and drug gang roundup, where do you think these bad people go?  Crime and its criminals are like any pests or rodents; they scatter when the light is on them and take the path of least resistance.  If Cudahy is weak and the least resistance, then they do in fact setup shop here.


The fact that other cities are having their own problems should energize us not to let Cudahy follow suit.  Alderman Mikolajczak went on to say, “I see crime as our number one issue.  Yes, other cities have drug and crime issues.  I want the issue eliminated.”  That should be the common goal for all citizens to eliminate crime.  All forms of crime.


But, bringing crime under control requires much more than increasing police staffing levels.  People are fed up with crime, and they want somebody to do something about it instead of talking about it.  Fortunately, I believe the command team we have assembled under the new leadership of Chief Thomas D. Poellot will do the job.  I recently met him and I can say that his reputation of a go-getter is true.  His goal is to form a partnership with the community and work closely with the schools, business, and community groups to provide safety to the community.  I am told the chief wants to take back our streets and he wants the police to help the adults in this community restore order.  In too many of our neighborhoods, it seems that the kids have taken over the streets.  Sometimes out of fear, you cannot simply walk up to the group of kids/adults and ask them to leave.  This is when you call the police!


The truth is a small group of people in the city are responsible for a large bulk of the crime.  Profiling is not a bad thing if done right and is a valuable tool for the police to use.  Now if we can only influence the judge not go too easy on those in front of him, we will have placed fear back in these individuals who no longer fear the police and the justice system.  Police, prosecutors, judges and others need to find common ground that is fair and tough.


No longer can we just say the police alone have this responsibility.  Citizens in our communities, Stand Up!  We need all of the residents in order to engage the neighborhoods around you and make them safe.  Other leaders in our communities, fathers and mothers in our communities, family members and neighbors in our communities, have to step up to this responsibility as well.  It’s not just the Police Chief‘s or Mayor’s problem.  We all must fully accept our responsibility in it.  We need an aroused, engaged and mobilized community.  A city is only as strong as its neighborhoods.  We cannot be weak in the knees.


Just as a city is only as strong as its neighborhoods, our neighborhoods are only as strong as the people who live there and who are willing to get actively involved.  It scares me to think if the person in the public forum on Wal-Mart was telling the truth that he witnessed many crimes happen in the parking lot and did not report it.  It sadness me more to know this is a Cudahy resident.  What does that say about our people!


Today, we need to bring the right amount of courage and compassion to this issue - and large amounts of action.  I hope our streets are getting cleaner, and that graffiti and other vandalism rates are going down.  I don’t have any statistics to go by to know of sure.  As you saw in Crime Part II – The Statistics for Cudahy, it only goes to 2005.  ** I must thank Sergeant Chris Blunt he has given me the 2006 crime report and stats.  I will post the update shortly.  Thank you again Sergeant Chris Blunt for your support and help!


The Mayor stated our beautification projects are coming along and we have a whole host of new world class amenities added to downtown.  My hope is that Cudahy Station and the Wal-Mart will add to that.  When people are interested in their city, they protect it.  This is not a time for the faint-hearted.  We have many hard times ahead, but the pay off is much greater.  This leaves us still with many questions only our leaders can answer.


Can we recover?  Will we be safe?  Will we be able to come back?


Those are the question marks hanging over our City's future.  This is not an unsolvable problem.  The Mayor is very positive, as am I.


It’s up to us.  None of us can do it alone.  It will require a TEAM effort.  Together Everyone Achieves More.  We must be unified or we will fail.


You might be asking yourself “What can I do?” to help out. 


Report anything that doesn’t seem right. 

People please turn on your porch lights, criminals don’t like to have lights shining on them.  (The cost is not that much to run it)

Put in motion sensor floodlights.

Keep your car and house doors locked and have some common sense with what is in plain sight.

Be a responsible parent if your child is doing drugs and get them help!


Only together, we can recover and grow this city.  Only together, we can be safe and take back our streets.  Only together, we can come back and rebuild our communities and our neighborhoods.  Only together will we become friends.  Only together, with God’s help, we will realize our full potential as one of the best cities in Wisconsin.  Only together, we can and we will.


It is better to get it right than be right!

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