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One Must Look Back to See the Future

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Malls, retailers hunker down

Store vacancies grow with consumer angst; still, the strong thrive

April 6, 2008


Schools in risky business?

5 districts may need taxpayers' help to avoid default if investment schemes sour

April 6, 2008


Just look at the Milwaukee Journal Business Section headlines for Sunday’s paper.


Okay let us start with the first one in how it relates to Cudahy.


We are in a recession whether the government wants to admit it or not.


In Cudahy, we have a Mayor who doesn’t support Wal-Mart for coming into Cudahy.  Don’t let his talk of “Just not at the Iceport” fool you.  Look back at the public statements he has said.


Now he tells a reader on the PHONE he was misquoted by the paper and Chantel Balzell of the CNI of his famous quote “I am not a fan of Wal-Mart!”

Okay, I don’t believe him.  Just ask Chantel Balzell when I was misquoted how much of a fuss I put up.  Even the Mayor and Aldermen knew, since they were included in my email to her.  Just look back at the Mayor’s comments before that.


Sometimes one must look back to see the future.  Mayor McCue had some foreshadowing in his campaign pledge.


So, in a downturn economy, the Mayor is willing to push Wal-Mart out into one of our neighbor cities because “He is not a fan”.  We, I am sorry he is willing to forgo the economic stimulus Wal-Mart will bring to Cudahy because of his personal dislike.  He still does shop at one though, so he is not one of the true haters.


We have the true haters that will never step foot in a Wal-Mart and the pretend-a-bot haters who do so because it seems that is the way the crowd they hang with stampedes to.


Then you have those that are just not fans, yet will shop for the savings and selection.


We have rising vacancies at our malls and we can afford to push Wal-Mart out because Cudahy is so rosy in economic bloom.


Now on to the Schools…


Cudahy cannot afford to close a school, just to try and pass a referendum in the not so distant future looking to build a new school.  We cannot afford to build one now and I don’t think in the not so distant future.  We must weather the storm, and quell the winds of “we cannot afford to keep the schools open with declining enrolment” since that is narrow and only seeing for which the next few hours weather brings.



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