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Plan Commission

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Today I have posted TWO articles

After going to the Plan Commission for the proposed Cudahy Station development, it appeared that the Commission is in disarray.  They didn’t seem to know what they were voting for.  Even Mayor McCue asked Attorney Paul Eberhardy how it reads, with an answer of “The agenda is poorly written!”


Agenda 4.  “Discussion and appropriate action regarding conceptual plans of the proposed uses and the conceptual site plan for the property located at the southeast corner of South Nicholson Avenue and East Layton Avenue.”

The point of Tuesday's meeting was to decide on the appropriateness of the land use and not what the exact design would be.  Shame on Wal-Mart for not showing the clouds, grass, trees, women, children, and the Mayor walking with a smile into the store in the concept pictures.

I was ashamed to be a Cudahy resident.  My fear or thought is the members were all concerned with Wal-Mart that they had not true idea why they were there.


At times, they looked like a bunch of goof balls.  Not at all on top of the game.


You heard the comments from Zsebe (who went off on how bad Wal-Mart is and was booed) and Nelson, who were not looking at the concept, and picked on the retailer, that they don't like.


I think that Coulthurst and Savagian would have approved a conceptual plan, if they saw what they considered a better layout on the site.  They, I believe could be worked with.


I have to fault Wal-Mart somewhat.  They need to make drastic changes to the building.  I am as big of a supporter as there is, and I don’t like the building.  NEEDS A LOT OF WORK.  But, it can be done.


I think Mikolajczak could go either way.  I think more for than against.


Faucett, like Coulthurst and Savagian, would 100% support a Wal-Mart but he too had some legitimate hang ups on the site plan.  Craig is the trap of history for the city and the site, knows environmentally what needs to be done, and is the closest thing the city has to a planner.  Craig, would be one, if given the change, could work with them on the site plan, but unfortunately, with him retiring soon, will not be there to help.


Attorney Paul Eberhardy made the comment that if the city has to cleanup the site it would be costly and take a long time.  That was echoed by the DNR.

McCue, he is obviously transparent, and got a free pass to not be the bad guy last night, as the commission put this on hold.  "We can do better,” but offers nothing of his thoughts, other than to "sit on the land.”  When Citizen Ryan Antross questioned the Mayor, he gave the answer that makes your head spin which made you forget what the question was.

Remember McCue said this “I believe that this site is a prime piece of real estate and that we can get something better than an ice rink.”  Everything that is proposed for the Iceport in his eyes could be better.  Yet he cannot tell us what is better.


An elder made this comment after the meeting ended,  “Unfortunately, the Mayor is either too young, or doesn't want to remember that Figi properties took title of the back side of that land, and the city did not want to, due to environmental problems on the site.  Cities, all over, don't want to be in the chain of ownership, and this is part of the reason why community development authorities were created.”


While McCue said "Sportsites has cleared the leans", and Continental has said they have "an offer to purchase with Sportsites... a confidential offer where they are paying fair market value".  It is no surprise, that their lawyers were in the room, and will probably sue the pants off the city if they are forced to pay market value, (which appears to be $6.5 million - again amount that Sportsites owes), and end up with a polluted site that the city won't let them put a development that they can currently bring to the site.  According to the Court website, there are leans, and may be the court site has not updated their website.


The $64,000 questions are “How and who paid for this and why is this not recorded?”


To me, the rep for VandeWalle and Associates is against the Wal-Mart.  He did fail to mention two vital things.


1.  A basic principle of the Master Plan is flexibility, which allows it to continually identify and monitor changing conditions and circumstances in order to effectively guide future change toward established community goals.  The fact that the plan talked about a certain size and no big box store can be changed since the plan is flexible not ridged.


2. The original idea for the Iceport was for an indoor soccer field, so the Wave Center is exactly what was in the plan.


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