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Proposal On The Table

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At the Plan Commission for the proposed Cudahy Station development, it appeared that many people are for Wal-Mart, just not on the IcePort site.  That is great (except to McCue and Smith).  Many said they would like a 230,000 size Wal-Mart, not the stripped down size of 138,000.


The rub is, the proposal on the table IS on the IcePort site.  The Pennsylvania and Layton is NOT.


I would support either just as much.


First, there is not any guaranty that if this current proposal is dropped that Wal-Mart would try for the Pennsylvania and Layton site.


Second, it would face the same if not more battle from McCue, Smith, and Zsebe.  This time without the carrot as it was called.  We call it the Wave Center.


We need to educate people on TIF’s.  Most people think this is something special for Wal-Mart.  Is the City Lounge in a TIF or the Public Market?  How much did they get if they are?


All of this talk of millions or 10 Million is small compared to the cleanup the city will be forced to do on the land.  I am all for lowering taxes.  Who is to say the next developer doesn’t want more?  Watch below as what St. Francis offers Stark.


I was asked why are WE paying for a parking lot to be paved for the City Lounge.  I don’t know if we are or why for that matter.  It makes good business sense for City Lounge.  “I was asked is that something we want next to our library?”  I think it is fine.  Again, we will not make everyone happy.  To make money one must spend money!


How long do we sit on this land and do nothing but cost us?  Mayor McCue, it is time to stand up and tells what is better and when will it be done.  If you can say Wal-Mart is not good enough within the restrains of “good faith”, then you can say what you would like!


No real answers – no real directions


Don’t worry if the trend keeps moving along the path it is going, the city will have much brownsites/brownfields.  The city is not making any attempt to keep Roadrunner Dawes in Cudahy.  I guess because they would rather knock the buildings down and start over.


Sell the schools and knock them down.  We can send the children to St. Francis.  Who needs schools when the city wants brownsites/brownfields to sit on!


One must have time and prudence as long as time is not an issue.


TIF boundaries likely to expand

The St. Francis Planning Commission and Common Council have given their approval to expanding tax-incremental finance district 3 to include three properties owned by Stark Investments.


The Joint Review Board, made of members from various taxing entities that would be affected by the decision, still must lend its approval.


If included in the district, Stark Investments would receive $5.5 million from the city to pay for infrastructure improvements necessary to add two 100,000-square-foot buildings to its St. Francis campus.


As the property grows in value, money that would have been used to pay property taxes on that added value will instead be diverted from the tax rolls and used to repay the city.


TIF District 3 is bordered by Lake Drive to the east, Lunham Avenue to the south, Packard and Kinnickinnic avenues to the west, and the Marian Center for Nonprofits to the north.  Once the expansion receives final authorization, it also will include three properties along South Lake Drive.


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