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Teen's Common Sense Sometimes Lacking

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Drinking Bleach Prevents HIV, Mountain Dew Prevents Pregnancy


Florida legislators are encouraging a review of their "abstinence only" sex education programs after a recent survey completed by Florida teens returned some curious results.


According to some of the teens, drinking a cap of bleach will prevent an HIV infection, a dose of Mountain Dew soda will stop pregnancy and smoking marijuana will prevent pregnancy.

Knowledge of condoms and other forms of sexual health appeared to be comparatively lacking.


You know, the teens may be on to something here, drinking bleach may very well prevent an HIV infection…because you’ll be DEAD!!!!!!

State officials believe that the myths are spreading due to the lone focus on abstinence, rather than other proven methods which encourage sexual health.  A new, more comprehensive Bill has been drawn, and has passed its first committee vote.


I know teens are not ready for the real world, but come on!  What about some common sense here!  This is not like not knowing grapefruit or grapefruit juice makes the pill less or even non-effective.


Now the teens could have banded together to say these things, but for what reason?  And we talk about the lack of third world education!  We need to take care of things at home in the U.S. before worrying about other countries!!!!


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