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A very informed reader emailed me this info about Cudahy School closing and Wal-Mart spin.


Wal-Mart has helped the schools in the South Milwaukee and Cudahy area, in 1992 Kosciuszko Elementary School was closed due to declining enrollment, it reopened in 1997 after a surge in the population and was reopened, it didn't have enough money for playground equipment.  The Wal-Mart on 27th and college (near the Menards) that stored donated two tetherball poles to helped them out.


In 2004, Wal-Mart named Rene Winter who is a Special education teacher at Kosciuszko School a Teacher of the Year Nominee and received $1,000 for the school.


In the Wal-Mart and Sam's Club store on 27th Street.  There are framed letters from businesses and schools thanking them for their donations and volunteer time for helping them.  A few of the letters I saw were from K-Ranch I believe, one was from the South Milwaukee booster club plus the Athletics department for donating towards there football program I believe.


This is what the public doesn’t know and should know, plus, Rene Winter, the Teacher from Kosciuszko, she is a staunch supporter of Wal-Mart and many of the teachers want this Wal-Mart.


If you ask around the school system, I don't if you have any kids in the public schools but many of the teachers want this.  Teachers want a Wal-Mart because of the prices and would have more options to choose from.  Pick 'N Save has very little to choose in school supplies plus the stuff is to expensive.

 Now just think if we torn down the school how much money it would cost to build a new one.  Many are up in arms of the TIF in the Iceport, just think much bigger of a taxpayer cost that would have been.  For what reason?  


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