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Gag Order

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Gag Order - Judicial ruling barring public disclosure or discussion (as by the press) of information related to a case; broadly: a similar nonjudicial prohibition against the release of confidential information or against public discussion of a sensitive matter.  (Definition by Merriam-Webster)


Someone in the public forum had stated that maybe Mayor McCue had placed a gag order on our elected officials from posting or emailing about Wal-Mart (while understanding “working in good faith and the walking quorum” problems) and with information about the pending lawsuit (s) it maybe true then.  The poster went on to say that the Mayor doesn’t want anything in print so he/they can deny whatever is said and conversations on the phone, therefore it would be hearsay.


During the State of the City meeting, Mayor McCue stated these close door meetings protect the city and don’t show our hand.  On his campaign website ( he statesAs a citizen, I was frustrated that the mayor scheduled numerous closed session meetings, excluding the public.”

Maybe there are valid reasons that at the time McCue was unaware of why the Mayor (to which one is he talking about) had for the closed meetings.  Maybe he sees things in a different light now.

If they had been told in closed session by legal counsel, to keep their mouth's shut, not to further damage the city’s position, then they should just come out and say so.  We don’t need all of this secrecy and mystery.  This muzzle, without explanation, just creates mistrust and distrust, misinformation and rumors.

With all of this information that was stated in the public forum, like the Eminent Domain put out there months before it was publicly announced and now this, I stated this before it sounds like someone inside the local government is not happy with the direction our captain and the ship are heading.

If I were the Mayor, I would be very uneasy if there truly is this secret discontent floating information out.  It begs the question, is there more coming? 

I don’t care who it is as long as it is the truth that comes forward.

It is just like “Deep Throat of Watergate” and makes this interesting!

At this moment, we will classify it as a rumor, until the press (Cudahynow) releases a statement from the Mayor’s office telling us that it is true.  My money is on that it is true to some degree.

By the way, a neighbor of mine has made an observation that things in meetings get tabled if there is no media present to record them and passed when someone is there to report on it.  You and I will have to watch for that.  If it is true, we have egomaniacs in office.


Gates Says Web Helps Government Transparency


Using Denmark and Sweden as examples, Bill Gates credited the internet with making governments more transparent.  According to Gates, those two governments have taken steps to have detailed postings of all government activities.


While not as easy to access as their Nordic counterparts, he said that the US government has made a lot of data available, but it is complicated by jargon and often difficult to navigate.


He also indicated that the Nordic countries are the model to follow, not the US.


While reading another city’s blog on WaukeshaNow called “Mayor Larry Nelson - Worthy of scorn or support?” by Jay Walt, it came to mind that at the last Plan Commission meeting a very loyal fan of Mayor McCue came up to me and said, “You need to stop all of this nonsense of writing about the Mayor!  CudahyNow is about fun and what is positive.  You seem to want to ask the Mayor to be something he is not.  Leave him alone.  So what if he doesn’t email back!”

I told her that if it were me (I told the Mayor this same thing) as Mayor and a constituent emailed me, I would email them back.  If they called me, I would call them back.  If they mailed a letter to me, then I would mail one back.  The means to which the public uses to contact the city, should be the same means you contact them back.  I don’t think that is asking too much. 

Here is a small sliver from Jay’s post (which was very good).

“HERE'S ONE!  Name the last higher-ranking public official who will return phone calls and emails, and then go on, albeit interminably at times, about the great things occurring in Waukesha - The (trick) answer?  Both Mayor Nelson and his predecessor Mayor Carol Lombardi.  Interestingly, he will even ask your opinion on local issues...”

Notice the Mayor will return the emails.  True it doesn’t say email back, but people are hard on the city which includes THE MAYOR.  Some times, while emailing the city, I wondered if whether the city’s email server is on the fritz or something?


I am obviously under the Mayor’s skin causing him ire, and he has never had anyone when he was an alderman or supervisor, that would stay on him, and call him on things.  We must be challenging him and all of the government by keeping them on their toes and put them on notice we have a voice.


Please people don’t forget – They work for us!  Which makes us the BOSS!


Like I said previously, the first year you get a free pass, and then it gets tougher.  We must use our voice.


Let us not just close our eyes and allow someone to blindly lead us down a hasty path that is the wrong one.  Walk, not run, with eyes open wide, down the right path.


Character is doing the right thing when nobody is watching!


If you cannot handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.


Do you think I am being too hard on the Mayor?


My question to you…does the Mayor or Alderpersons ever reach out to you, the constituents, if you are not contacting him?


Have you ever be asked by your Mayor, Alderman or county supervisor to see how you stood on a topic? 


If we don’t make phone calls or emails voicing our opinions, then, to them, this means everything is O.K. and going smoothly.


I believe that being informed on what's going on in the city and the neighborhood keeps a lot of misinformation and rumors at bay.


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