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I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Talk Back - How to Make Our City Grow

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Many communities have found the right mix of housing, retail and manufacturing to keep it viable and Cudahy needs to do the same.  Cities are places where people can live, learn, work, visit and play.  They should offer a wide range of services - schools, parks, health care, stores, restaurants and transportation, just to name a few.  Cities that are vibrant, safe, and attractive are where residents, visitors and businesses want to be.  Cudahy has what is necessary to be successful; it just needs to move forward.


To move forward you have to identify your problems, except them and fix them.  Currently our city is in denial of many issues that plague our wonderful city.  Also, Cudahy has a sort of Identity crisis I am told which I covered in ???Cudahy's Image Problem???.


Job number one must be to stop the decline in our city???s population, job losses, and keep Cudahy money in Cudahy.  To do that we must lower our crime and taxes.  Crime and population go hand in hand though; do GHOST TOWNS need to worry about crime and we can have all the development in the world and the greatest park system but if everyone is afraid of going there then what's the point?


Job number two is to increase tourism traffic to Cudahy and to bring in money from outside our city.


Look at the pie chart at the bottom of this post as to ???The concerns of Wisconsin Residents???


Cudahy needs to find its identity and niche.  Obviously, the economy is foremost...having lost that much of the population I could only assume it was an economic issue again, taxes and a rise in crime (the issue of crime was so big I covered it in two blogs earlier).  By niche, I mean find an industry, which could thrive and then create economic incentives for corporations to move here.  We need to target biotech, drug industry, software and technology businesses.  We must identify areas that definitely need improvement and intervention.


One of Mayor Ryan McCue???s platform statements was ???We need to concentrate on keeping businesses in Cudahy and make it easy and attractive for new businesses to locate in Cudahy.???  It is essential for Cudahy to keep the trucking companies that call Cudahy home.  These trucking companies pay good wages and has excellent benefits.  We need to keep the moniker of truck alley.  I know many people in attendance at the common council meetings in the past have talk bad about all of the trucks on the streets of Cudahy.  That is a sign of a living city, I have told them.  One woman told me ???I just wish they were in some other city, not ours.???  We will never make everyone happy.  This is the same sediment the Wal-Mart has on some people.


Right now, we are a city losing jobs and people who live in the community.  Our enrollment in Cudahy schools is down.  Some people confuse the issue of specialty stores with big business retailer.  We need the big business retailer, Wal-Mart, to increase the standard of living of the residents who live in Cudahy.  The specialty stores help increase tourist traffic, not to say the Cudahy residents will not shop them because they will, but the very nature of the word ???specialty shops??? should be a clue.  This is not a daily or weekly destination, but a place to go for a special need, which is why many of them fail.


Once Wal-Mart is given the go ahead ???The Shops of Cudahy??? will fill-up with tenants.  Currently the prospective tenants would like to hangout in the weeds until Wal-Mart is named.  There is to be a hotel built on this 26-acre property.  That too is in limbo until Wal-Mart is named.  You have the classic ???Chicken and the Egg.???


Yes, we need to increase tourism, but it is more important to stem the tide of good residents leaving our community and jobs moving elsewhere.  One-person blogged on the public forum about Generations of pride and that his own kids have moved out of Cudahy.  This is exactly why we need to make a reason for people to stay living in Cudahy.  Having a high tourism and high amount of people moving out will not cancel each other out as some people think.  It starts with this Wal-Mart, which is a destination of Cudahy residents.


Of course, the Mayor doesn???t like this Wal-Mart, check that, is not a fan of Wal-Mart and he doesn???t feel it is a destination spot, because he is looking through glasses marked tourism.  The part of the Master Plan is an excuses, it is not ridged but flexible.  Many communities have a Wal-Mart in them, why would someone from outside our community want to shop our Wal-Mart if they already have one.  They wouldn???t unless their Wal-Mart is out of a particular item, ours is closer to where they work, or they simply like to shop ours.  It is mainly for the residents, not tourism.


Obviously, the Mayor (who shops Wal-Mart) is not concerned enough about the citizens living in Cudahy, and is worried more about just how to drive up tourism to Cudahy.  That is only one side of the problem.  Take off the tourism glasses and use your own eyes to see that both can be accomplished.  Wal-Mart for the Cudahy citizens and the specialty shops for tourism along with the Wave Center.  There are plenty of vacancies dotting Cudahy that would work perfectly for specialty shops besides this need to be placed in Cudahy Station.  We only need find them and to fill them.


The Wave complex can host soccer training in 60,000 sq ft and doubles as a 40,000 sq ft convention center once converted to that mode.  It will have a pull of 100-mile radius.  That includes 60,000 soccer moms and dads shopping, eating and driving around Cudahy.  Talk about large numbers of shoppers!

Cudahy needs this Wal-Mart and we need it to be successful.  Our future depends on it.  This Wal-Mart is not the savior, but it is the first piece of a puzzle called ???How to grow and fix Cudahy.???  It is imperative to our revitalization that this large retailer comes to Cudahy and the responsible thing to do for our city to prosper.  Some say that we are just copying what other cities have and that it does not set us a part.  To this I say, why not move out all grocery stores, gas stations since everyone has one.  The answer lies in conveniences.

 Why should we drive to another city to get our consumables?  This Cudahy Station, with Wal-Mart as the anchor, is vital to our growth and prosperity.  Cudahy Station will generate more foot traffic that will help to sustain existing businesses, encourage new businesses to develop, deter crime, and boost the city's tax base.  Having more people around does deter crime, there is less time for the crime of opportunity.  This does not mean crime will be zero; it will happen whether Wal-Mart or another store is here!  Good planning leads to orderly growth and helps us to have the type of community we want.

Cities on the rise are enjoying developmental booms, embracing their history and their geography.  Stimulating the local economy for businesses and the job market, will in turn keep people in Cudahy and will keep us growing.  The military has a saying called the ???6P???s???--- Proper --- Planning --- Prevents --- Piss --- Poor --- Performance, and if we follow that, we cannot fail.

What has plagued us in the past will haunt us.  A lack of vision and the carelessness nature of local politicians in the past has cost us dearly.  The town was governed by entirely by old-timers who were dead set against any kind of change and are running the town into the ground.  Status Quo is the term to describe that type of thinking.


It's the "we can do without that" mentality that suppresses new ideas for economic expansion.  I think that is what has kept young people from being drawn to and staying in Cudahy.  We need to engage them and entice them to stay.


Many locals want to retain a mid-sized city atmosphere but there is a great deal of influence from developers to change the demographics.  I am in favor of that as well, as long as the intent is not to push out the lower income elderly.  If we could push out or evict the lower income people who don???t want to work but instead live off the system, let us do it.  Far too long Cudahy has allowed the slumlords to use Cudahy and us.


Renters are fine as long as they care about the property, and contribute to the prosperity of the community.  Many do not.  Sometimes it does follow the lower income, but that is a case-by-case thing.  Would I like have the tax revenue of $300,000 plus homes, yes as long as it doesn???t change who we are.  Too many people would like to remake Cudahy into Whitefish Bay and that will not happen.  Cudahy is hard working class of people.  We can have a successful mix.     


I would support the KRM if taxes didn???t go up and the answer to that is private funding.  Funny how the people upset with the TIF are okay with taxes going up to fund the KRM.


So funny, don???t you think?


Yes, it would be an excellent opportunity existing to lure some of those new transplants into our neighborhood with several mixed-use projects featuring condos, lofts, and apartments in various price ranges.


Yes, tourism development would be nice.  Many proposed projects in Cudahy are shot down because the taxpayers are tired of paying for everything.  With some outside (tourist), revenue coming in we could get some help then the rest could follow.  I am just not convinced the KRM will make it and I don???t want to be the one paying for it then.  We you are on the right side you don???t have to do any convincing!


New residences downtown will generate more foot traffic that will help to sustain existing businesses, encourage new businesses to develop, deter crime, and boost the city's tax base.  We can entice people to move to our downtown, which already has all of the ingredients necessary to sustain residents (library, restaurants, shops, bars, pharmacies, banks, workplaces, houses of worship, etc.) if only Cudahy didn???t have the stigma of land of high taxes.  Adding more taxes for the KRM is not the answer especially as the country heads for a long recession.  We need to conserve our money.  I understand the philosophy that ???you have to spend money to make money,??? just now is not that time.


The "growth of a city" depends upon each individual in it.  Simply put, how we are treating each other.  I have said this before.  It???s not size.  It???s not money.  The better we treat each other that is the growth.  A modest size city where people treat each other well will attract much to it, everything that it needs to expand.


Yes, I become very discouraged and feel very sad to see so many people bashing my city all the time, but I know only better times are ahead for it (especially if and when I climb the political ladder as many of you would like me to do).


Cities need visionary, non-corrupt governments to progress and grow (I am not necessarily saying ours is).  The officials need to stop focusing on such micro issues, where if they focused on bigger picture problems, the micro problems would eventually be fixed.  The free market place has, in many cases led the change, as long as it was not tampered with.  Good planning leads to orderly growth and helps us to have the type of community we want.  Cities on the rise are enjoying developmental booms, embracing their history and their geography.


The Mayor's job responsibilities vary widely, but all are intended to ensure the well-being of the city and its people.  The Mayor and council members have the responsibility of representing not only the people who elected them, but all citizens.  Council members also serve as a resource to the residents of their district, making sure they receive quality services and helping them to solve problems.  Priority must be given to the well-being of the city and its people and is in an ongoing process to do so.


None of us are Mayors or are in charge (except the Mayor, Ryan McCue), but through this forum/blog our voices may be heard.  We still may not hear from the powers that be, but they will read your comments.


Everyone is looking for a formula that will provide healthy growth and stimulate the local economy for businesses and the job market.  With the challenges and opportunities we have, we can move forward and succeed.  We all must be trying to breathe life into our city and care about each other.  We must stem the tide of population and job loss.  We must lower crime and taxes.  We must, because if you don???t, Cudahy will become a GHOST TOWN.


Does the Mayor and its city officials get a report card?  I am working on that!


Maybe we should do an online one.




What problems does our city have and what suggestions do you have to help our city grow? 

So what would you do if you were Mayor of Cudahy?


 Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.  You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known.  - Ronald Reagan

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