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Snow Removal This Year

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Winter is over.  Finally!! 


They are calling for a rain/snow mix Monday.


So from my point I think the city did a good job of snow removal this year.  I am not saying my road was perfectly plowed down to the pavement after a snowfall.  I know the City was doing the best job they could do with what Mother Nature dished out.  It was very good though.  The corners could have been opened up better as well as widening the street as much as possible.  I know they are doing everything they can to make sure our roads are safe to drive on.  With cars parked on the street and garbage cans left out passed collection day, the plows can't do their job as completely as they would like to.  Just because they weren’t on your street right then, didn’t mean they weren’t out there working overtime.  Yes, we all complain about the overtime, but wouldn’t we complain even louder if they weren't out there at all?


My neighbor, Wally, and I try to keep the road wide for passing and parked cars.  He and I are out there with our snow blowers and shovels cleaning up to the gutters.  Doing so also makes having less snow when a plow does come through on your approach.


I have a neighbor who, for selfish reasons, will not clean up the curb because he feels if the snow pile is wider that means less snow gets on their approach.  Yes that may be true, but that doesn’t make it right to do.  I also have some neighbors who feel doing this is bad because that means the city is not doing as good as a job as it should.  Remember folks, the same people who collect our trash are also trying to keep up with the plowing.  When you see them, thank them!


One pet peeve I have is people snow blowing the snow into the street and then just leaving it.  I wish people wouldn't throw the snow from their driveway right back into the street that was just plowed.  That defeats the purpose of plowing in the first place. Please go back and cleanup after yourself.  This happens more so with renters than homeowners.


What's more annoying are the people who live at the corners who are supposed to keep the walk clean and don’t.  I wish the city would crack down and ticket them for failure to remove the snow.  I walk with my wife and daughter and it just makes it so dangerous. 


There are some people on my street who either hire snow removal contractors or are snow removal contractors, whose plows, clearing out the driveways, make a big mess of the streets.  They just push the snow wherever they want.  Very frustrating! 


Ultimately, it is impossible for plowing to be perfect.  We have to be thankful that someone is out there working while we are comfortably sleeping in our warm beds.  Yes, it is their job, but we must respect them for doing it.  They are out there giving up valuable sleep or time with their families, doing what they can to keep us safe on the roads.  Yes for money.  That is what makes the world go around, but a big thanks is what is needed to keep us and them around.  Thank You for doing a good job!  


How Was the Snow Removal This Season?  What do you think?

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