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Economic Downturn

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Here in Cudahy, things are so good that we don???t want, nor need, this proposed Wal-Mart.

Yes, 25% vacancy is bad, but Packard Plaza has 42%, isn???t that better.  The number is higher.

Just look back at the CudahyNow article ???Discover state-of-the-art treatment for the four-eyed???Jan. 18, 2007 - Vision Health Eyecare Center Story Here

They are gone from Packard Plaza.  Closed up shop.  I think they could read the writing on the wall.  Maybe they sold out of rosy glasses. 

Someone asked at the Plan Commission meeting, about ???What is being done about Packard Plaza???? and if you were there or not you have the same answer.

Here is a snippet from Jan 8, 1995 Article Here

The area is trying to rebound from the era when companies like Geo. J. Meyer Co. and Bostrum Seating in Cudahy closed or moved out of town, and when there were big job losses at firms like the Ladish Co. in Cudahy and Bucyrus-Erie Co. in nearby South Milwaukee.

"If you look at our size, Cudahy really took a big economic hit in terms of job loss," said Cudahy Mayor Raymond Glowacki, noting that the Ladish work force declined from some 5,000 employees in 1979 to 1,100 now.

The renovation and resurgence of Packard Plaza shopping center on S. Packard Ave., Cudahy.  Some $1 million in renovations have been done, and up to $500,000 in improvements will be finished this year, said Stewart Wangard, one of the center's owners.  The center, built in the mid-1950s, was 80% vacant 2 1/2 years ago.  Now, it is more than 80% occupied.

What did we get for the 1.5 million?  Maybe you can ask the Mayor and the current company leasing out the properties Centro Properties Group.  Yes, I know they were not the ones in control at the time, but they are now.

Are we slipping back or is it a true fall back.  The economy is not going to turn around for Cudahy quickly with a Mayor who doesn???t seem to be business friendly or even presents warm climate to attract more jobs to Cudahy.  Hear the sucking sound of jobs, residents, students, and hopes leaving Cudahy.  We can watch brownsites/brownfields get even browner.


As one of the City Lounge owners Joe said, "As for the City of Cudahy being pro business, I get mixed messages and mostly anti-business.

As the rest of the U.S. enters a recession, Cudahy continues in a depression.  We don???t need the Wal-Mart, because people in a depression cannot afford to shop.

How much more can Cudahy lose?  We WILL lose this Wal-Mart!  The Mayor is doing everything to make sure we do.  Because we can do better!  Maybe he should do better!

This is going to ripple around Cudahy for a while.  God help us!

When the economy turns around, it will do so in cities warm to businesses first.  Do you think Cudahy is warm to businesses?  Just drive around Cudahy and think about it!  What do you see?  Do we have open storefronts?  I don???t want just anything in them, but something!

As someone said at the Plan Commission meeting, GM during the 1960???s accounted for 2% of the nations GDP, now Wal-Mart does.  We have a Mayor willing to gamble on our future.  Remember the last time government gambled we lost.  Is the game craps or Russian roulette (hope for Noir 8) maybe just simply dice?  I hope we don???t see snake eyes come up.  Let us hope it is not war, but go fish.

How did we get here?  Lack of vision and action mixed with a large dash of selfishness and self-righteousness and oh yeah, hold the common sense!  This problem didn???t just happen over night, the small wheel (French word is roulette) has been turning.


Cudahy needs a high price hotel on the Cudahy Station grounds.  Plenty of hotels just a few miles away that are closer to the airport and they are low or economy hotels.  Something like an Embassy Suites would set us a part.  IF the KRM does happen, (I think it will not be for 10-20 years), people would need a place to sleep over.  Not to mention the Wave center needs.  

Get Country Inn to build on the land with a water park much like the one in Pewaukee, then people will pay good money to stay.  Remember we have a tax on Hotel/Motels; more revenue for Cudahy.

The Milwaukee Journal ran a story about hotels planed for around the airport and no mention of Cudahy.  Source here

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