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Size Does Matter

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Joe Henika is right “The national trend is [was] for Wal-Mart to build bigger and bigger Supercenters.  That was the way Wal-Mart did things before.  Now a Wal-Mart representative tells me that they rarely hear about the store size being too small it is usually that the store is way too big. 


Of course, the proposed size has been determined by the trade area, demographics, projected growth, sales and market share.  They are now building stores that are 100,000 Total Square Foot, and there are plans for even smaller stores for urban areas.  This is the size that works and that this will be a very successful store if it can get it built!


Do I want bigger!  Heck yeah!  Bring me a 250,000 square foot store!  Maybe the developer can increase the size of the store.  I think that would help pass it!  Cudahy is bucking the trend, and for me, a bigger store makes sense.  I would love, not only to shop at Wal-Mart, but a more, bigger, gigantic, huge, awesome, enormous Wal-Mart as that, would be fun.  Truly the bigger the better.


How about it takes up the whole complex!


Have the home of the Worlds largest Wal-Mart right here in Cudahy.  Then you really could call it “Wally World.”  Now that, Commissioner Michael Coulthurst, would be an attraction and destination! How about it?


Should we get a petition going to have Wal-Mart do just that?  Would that make everyone happy?  I can just see the Mayor’s smiling face right now as I type this post.  Just the warmth and jubilee he would have.  Just full of joy reading this (we all know he does).


Maybe have a distribution center there will all the trucks.  Gee, more happiness will abound!


I have included the site plan, the Wal-Mart floor plan and the Elevation pictures. (Please click on picture for larger image)







A word of caution that these will change as Continental Properties, Wal-Mart, Wave, and the city work on them and respond to input, so by no means should these be portrayed as final. 


Bottom line - Continental Properties & Wal-Mart are flexible and willing to work with the city.


The $2.4 million TIF

Ener-Con Builders Inc., an Oak Creek development firm, has proposed the condominium project for the 10-acre site, 6000 S. Buckhorn Ave.


TIF district essential


Faucett said that without the TIF district, the project would not proceed because of the high cost of the environmental cleanup of the site, which is estimated at more than $2 million.

 Was this okay for us to pay for cleanup?

Looks like the Pennsylvania and Layton Site are out for Wal-Mart!


Retail favored for busy corner


If approved, the development would comprise five buildings encompassing 235,000 square feet.  The four smaller buildings would be situated on the south end of the site and one larger building would be constructed on the north end.

 The lot is situated on a former landfill and is a tax-exempt site 

How does the fact it is a tax-exempt site help Cudahy?


What does it exactly mean?

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