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For The Next Plan Commission Meeting

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I hope the agenda is clear to the Commission.  I don’t want to be embarrassed of the train wreck that was the last Plan Commission meeting.


A train wreck in slow motion is still a train wreck.

The key is not to have a train wreck in the first place.


I hope the Commission members understand what they are voting on and the language that is not broad and vague.  Literacy does not guarantee comprehension!


I hope the Commission members can talk about Wal-Mart without screams of doomsday predictions.  Their decisions cannot be driven by pure emotion and have to have reason as well.  Zsebe and Nelson take your personal feeling out and take a step back.  Putting up a fuss doesn’t mean it is right!


I hope the Mayor, in public comments, doesn’t double-talk or gobbledy-gook doublespeak or give the “Classic politics of politicians” and just answer the questions. 


Yet again, we ask a simple question Mayor, “If NOT Wal-Mart what?”  Office space, which, if you watched the slideshow presentation, shows that market is tapped.  Convention center, we are about 10 years to late, besides the Wave center doubles as one.


Remember these few things:  On Mayor McCue’s website - Wal-Mart:  I do not think that the City of Cudahy should provide a $12 million tax subsidy to the world’s biggest retailer.  Residents may not even see the tax benefits from the development for 20 years.  Who is “THE CITY” he refers to, since the Mayor cannot offer TIFs?


In the Mayor’s State of the city address, 36 minutes into the speech, he states “Wal-Mart itself is not asking for tax [TIF] subsidy.”  I just think it needs to be said again.  Taxpayers are not paying for Wal-Mart. So if Wal-Mart is not getting a tax subsidy, then what is the problem with them?

When the bird swoops in for the mouse and the mouse wins, the mouse lives for another day and the bird looks for a worm instead.


I have to say it is hard working with PowerPoint engineering, but one must have an open mind and creative thoughts along with common sense.  If the current members don’t possess these qualities maybe they are on the wrong commission.


I really believe that if Cudahy is serious about moving forward with its (re)development, it needs to start with projects like this that will employ its citizens, provide them ample, quality and affordable shopping and attract entities like the MISL's Milwaukee Wave to town.


The benefit to those who live in town and to those who will be coming in (with copious disposable income) to shop, eat or take advantage of the Wave's programs is likely to be more positive than some seem to think.


Commissioner, Michael Nelson, said he would like to see how the development fits in with the downtown master plan, which the city is in the process of creating.  Question – If the city has just started in the process of creating it, 1) How will it be done in time for the next meeting? and 2) the master plan is flexible and putting in a provision for a large retail store could be added, thus it would fit perfectly.

Lee Barczak is right when he said, "I never heard someone say, 'I'm moving here because of a Wal-Mart,' " just as when you think of Germantown or Franklin, honestly, do you think of Wal-Mart?  Does Wal-Mart even represent a city’s image?  I don’t think so! 

As I have said before, the community makes the store, not the store makes the community!


Dennis Alpert of Wal-Mart said “I really don't (and didn't) know how else to emphasize our desire to work WITH the Mayor and the Council to make this Cudahy's Wal-Mart.”


As Dennis said, many times during the last meeting, we will work with the city.  It is just too bad the commission members didn’t understand the point of Tuesday's meeting.


A reminder of what it was to decide on the appropriateness of the land use and not what the design would be.


If the Commission/Council could have focused on that point, I think we'd be moving forward on altering the design and implementing changes they'd like to see.


Hopefully, by next month's special meeting (May 5) certain members of the Commission/Council will be more willing to address the land use issue, put aside their personal feelings and move forward in a direction that will make Cudahy's citizens happy.


If Cudahy wants to move forward, let it start here…let it start now.


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