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Wave Center

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The Wave's facility will be unique to the metropolitan area and will bring large numbers of soccer parents to the facility for their children's games, practices, etc.  It is certainly predictable that these people will be shopping in Cudahy before and after games and during practices.  And there is ample local and national evidence of soccer's growing popularity here and throughout the country.  $$$$$$$$


Some people at the Plan Commission meeting were upset with the TIF being used for the Wave.  These people fail to recognize that an investment in a sports center creates jobs and generates tax monies.  The tax monies come not only from the employment of local people, but also from the salaries of out of town athletes that train & those who will use the convention center.  They also fail to see the investment for Cudahy Students that can use the facility during school for FREE.  The quality of life that having the Wave Center brings to the Cudahy area far exceeds the more traditional job creation and other tax revenue areas.  $$$$$$$$$$


Many of the Wave’s office people will have their offices at the center.  $$$$$$


The academy would feature 60,000 square feet of training space for both indoor soccer and futsal (five-on-five game) and will serve the estimated 100,000 soccer players who live within 100 miles of Cudahy.  $$$$$$$$


The facility could provide training for 250 to 500 players a day, with the center led by Wave coach Keith Tozer, who would serve as academy director, and the Wave's all-time leading scorer Michael King, who would manage the training programs.  The center would provide professional quality training to children and adults in the same way the Wave trains.  If approved, the training academy is expected to be completed by 2009.


The benefit to those who live in town and to those who will be coming in (with copious disposable income) to shop, eat or take advantage of the Wave's programs is likely to be more positive than some seem to think. 


If Cudahy wants to move forward, let it start here…let it start now. 


"Poor People have been voting for Democrats for the last 50 years, .............and they are still poor."

- Sir Charles Barkley


In case you missed M. Schroeder’s post in the public forum on April 25, 2008, I felt it was important to repeat.


Clarifying Details on Wave Premier Training Academy

Milwaukee Wave


Joe Henika's post on April 16 regarding Cudahy Station and the Milwaukee Wave Premier Training Academy contained some claims that deserve some clarification.


The Wave's 61,000-square-foot facility will be unlike any in the state, if not the nation.  It will feature a regulation-size Major Indoor Soccer League field with turf, boards and glass that will be the training home of the Wave, along with four regulation futsal courts dedicated to high-level training of players of all ages.  The indoor facilities in north Milwaukee (Uihlein) and out in Brookfield each have three permanent indoor fields, but no futsal courts.  The Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin, meanwhile, has only the four-futsal courts.  The Wave's facility will be able to accommodate more players than any of these other locations.


Covering approximately 40,000 square feet, the hard-surface futsal courts have been designed to meet the needs of the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce, allowing for easy conversion to exposition center space.  With the facility's multiple uses, the Wave expects it to attract more than 500,000 visitors annually.


The Milwaukee Wave is a for-profit company entering their 25th year of operation.  They have earned 15 consecutive postseason appearances on the field, and run the state's most successful summer camp program in the off-season.


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