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Wal-Mart Clarification By Lisa B. Nelson

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In a recent Cudahy Now column it was suggested that our Wal-Mart Supercenter proposal for Cudahy was “much scaled down,” undersized and “anything but super.”


I’d like to address this, and hope to lend more insight into how decisions about store location and size are made within our company.  Be assured, these decisions are driven by sound data, years of successful retail experience, and knowing what our customers want.


Sam Walton said, “The secret to successful retailing is to give your customers what they want.”  Our customers want supercenters, but we also know they want them appropriately sized.


We look at a variety of factors when determining store size, including our current presence in the greater region and sales by Cudahy residents at these stores.  But we also look at the community and what may be forecast for the future – factors like population, housing, transportation, income are important – as well as retail industry indicators and economic trends.  Based on our analysis, the store we are proposing in Cudahy is the right size.


In addition, we have proposed a new urban flexible store design that allows us to incorporate everything a supercenter has to offer in a more compressed footprint.  There are fewer tenants, and there will be no tire lube service.  Many communities have asked us to consider smaller stores, to help reduce our impact, and we’re sensitive to that.  Incorporating store efficiencies and sustainability helps us achieve this.  For example, reduced packaging requires less shelf space, and doing this in the laundry detergent category has been a big success.


Along with size, location is also an important factor.  The former Iceport site is the only site we are considering in Cudahy.  There is speculation we are considering the Cobalt site, and we must be clear: The Cobalt site has been reviewed by our real estate team and it is not an option.  The proposed location on Nicholson Ave was selected because it meets the stringent criteria we have set for new stores.  There are other sites in the area that meet the criteria, but they are not in Cudahy.


Our proposed 131,661 sq. ft. store for Cudahy will be a Supercenter with the same features and products of our largest supercenters.  The store will include sporting goods, electronics, lawn and garden products and general merchandise. The grocery will feature dairy, meat, produce, a bakery, deli and broad variety of non-perishable foods.  Throughout the Supercenter customers will find products to help them save money and live better.


At the May 5th meeting of the Cudahy Plan Commission, plans will be shown for the entire Cudahy Station development.  We’re excited to be included in this first class development package – one that will be a destination anchor for Cudahy’s future growth and success.


Lisa B. Nelson

Senior Manager, Public Affairs & Government Relations

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc

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