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All Aboard... Maybe Not KRM

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The Mayor is still banking on the KRM, probably at the insistence of VandeWalle and Associates.  Pigs flying have a better chance of happening, before KRM.  His view of Utopia for Cudahy does not include Wal-Mart.


McCue, Smith, Pavlic and like types, have no intentions of having their name on the Wal-Mart.  That is it period!


Time is running out…

One cannot make, melt or gain time. 

You cannot even rush it, let alone stop time. 

You can watch it and be ready for it.


Am I blowing this out of proportion?  NO!  I don’t think so!


As you are aware, I am not for the KRM with taxpayer public money.  Here is a list of key business endorsements.  Just ask them to fund it.  You will find out quickly, they don’t want to pay for it just use it to bring in workers at taxpayers expense.


Please Note: this endorsement is for the concept of KRM, and not for any specific financing plan.

I see… ***Head nods***


Fisk Johnson, Chairman - S. C. Johnson & Son

Gale Klappa, CEO - WE Energies

Richard A. Hansen, President & CEO - Johnson Financial Group

Helen Johnson-Leipold, Chairman & CEO - Johnson Outdoors

Scott Kelly, President - Johnson Bank-Racine

Thomas Mahoney, President - Johnson Bank-Kenosha

Christian Lie, CEO - Johnson Insurance Services

John Matthews, V.P. Global Communications - Johnson Diversey

Jerold Franke, President - WISPARK

Robert Mariano, Chairman & CEO - Roundy's

Aurora Health Care

Edward Emma, President & COO - Jockey International

Randy Baker, President - Case New Holland (CNH)

Dennis Kuester, President & CEO - Marshall & Ilsley Corp.

Dave Rayburn, President & CEO - Modine

Jerry Ryder, President - In-Sink-Erator

Carol Skornicka, Sr. V.P. General Council - Midwest Airlines

Brian Klemstein, Vice President - LaSalle Bank

Roch Lambert, Exec. Vice President - Bombardier Recreational

Thomas Bernacchi, Vice President - Towne Realty

Fred Luber, Chairman - Super Steel Corp.

Gary Grunau, Sr. Vice President - GPD Gilbane

Michael Cudahy, President - Endeavors Group

David Gordon, Director & CEO - Milwaukee Art Museum

Paul Matthews, President - Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

Dennis Troha, Chairman & CEO - JHT Holdings, Inc.

Mark Sommer, President - Gormac Products, Inc.

Dennis Barkow, President - Quinte Systems

Jess Levin, President & CEO - Bank of Elmwood

John Burke, Chairman - Burke Properties

Vince Ruffolo, President - S.I.C., Inc.

Alan Ruud, President & CEO - Ruud Lighting, Inc.

Ken Buser, President & CEO - All Saints Health Care

Daniel Risch, CEO - Lincoln Luthern of Racine

Ronald Gibb, President - Wells Fargo-Racine

Mark Ernst, Partner - Engberg Anderson Design Partnership

Dave Perkins, CFO & Vice President - Racine Federated, Inc.

John Hennessy, President - Hennessy Group (Milwaukee)

John Shannon, President & CEO - Quick Cable Corporation

Ralph Tenuta, Owner - Tenuta's

Eric Resch, President - Stone Creek Coffee

Robert R. Henzl, President - Hostak, Henzl & Bichler, S.C.

Michael Stanich, Partner - Lakeview Investment, LLC (Kenosha)

Keith Johnson, President - Pathway Development (Salem, WI)

Lincoln Fowler, Partner - Alterra Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Dana Anderson, President & CEO - Foote, Cone & Belding

Renquist & Associates (Racine)

Steve Johnson, President - Miller Brands

James Eastman, President - Merchants Moving & Storage (Racine)

Mark Irgens, President – Irgens Development Partners

Gerorge Seater, President/CEO – Seater Construction


Now back to KRM, The federal government restored the funds.  Mayor Tom Barrett would rather use the money for streetcars, and County Executive Scott Walker would rather use the money for his plan of the rapid buses.  I sense that Tom and Scott will not agree anytime soon, on ONE PLAN.  While both are honorable men, they won't come together on KRM any time soon!


Here is the part of the KRM equation that no one talks about, yet those in the loop know.


They talk about an extension of Metra (controlled by the Illinois State Legislature) up to Milwaukee.  So, for any extension north of Kenosha, the Illinois State Legislature MUST approve it.  That's right...  The Illinois State Legislature must approve!  What do you think the chances of that are?  Again, pigs fly!!


All counties in Wisconsin involved must agree.


The only reason Metra came up to Kenosha was that it was cheaper and easier to turn around there, rather than at a point in Illinois.  Doyle is beholden to the road builder, and if you had any smarts at all, you knew that I 94 from Layton to the state line was coming up for rebuilding, and you have seen the EPA article about the 4 lanes each way approval.  The road expansion is happening!


Now, if the state and feds are going to spend Billions on that stretch of road, what do you think the chances are of the state putting up some money for Metra in the 09-11 bi-annual budgets?  Again, pigs fly!!


For the same reason that Glowacki wanted the IcePort as his legacy to the city, McCue is banking on KRM, and the value of that property shooting up so high, he would hold it up forever, rather than see a Wal-Mart go there.


Side note, you didn't and don’t see Mayor Richard Bolander (OC), and Mayor Tom Zepecki (SM), holding up every development plan for their cities due to KRM.


Again, you don't see Tom Zepecki holding up all of the development plans for SM, including the Bucyrus site (right along train tracks), for KRM.  Unfortunately, if Mayor McCue plans to wait for KRM, the steel will have fallen down, by the time the trains show up.

 To: <>, <>
From: "
Randy Hollenbeck" <>
Date: 05/09/2006 06:01PM
Subject: Thank you

Thank you for voting NO on the Milwaukee Connector, with it being a Milwaukee County run project, it will cost the taxpayers of Cudahy for a system that will not work and doesn’t service my area.  Just because the federal government is giving away money, the system has never been tested in the US, and is only in two cities in France, does not mean we have to do it.  Just say NO.  Where is the money to run to come from, us the Milwaukee county taxpayers.  Nationwide rider ship of mass transit has been going down.  This is a flawed system.  Hopefully Scott Walker vetoes it.  God help us, in a time of insolubility to build something and then figure out how to build be saying.  Well we put the money in it, we might as well finish it!  Sounds to me much like the pension scandal.


Randy Hollenbeck
Randy, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinion with me, and you are welcome.


Ryan McCue

Milwaukee County Supervisor
Eighth District
(414) 278-4231

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