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To Copy or Not To Copy

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Plagiarism – Most people do it every day without even knowing about it.  You hear something on the news or in talking and now you accept it and state it.


One of my writing instructors told me that all words and thoughts get plagiarized.  While having a discussion with one of my friends we talked about Copernicus and his “The Revolutions” on how he was not the one who discovered it first.  Yet he gets the credit. 


Oh, here is the rub…


Do we as people go around saying the Earth revolves around the sun and still give Copernicus the credit?  Have you done that when explaining it to children?  How about educators?  Many of them are the first to cry “Plagiarism,” yet they do it.  Just think about if you give the proper credit to those who create or discover something in your worksheets, lessons or handouts.  How about in your verbal communications?


So where is this going?


Warner Bros & J K Rowling has a legal battle over who first thought of Harry Potter.


John Buechler was behind a little known film called Troll, released in 1986, which featured a young boy called Harry Potter Jr.


J K Rowling says the idea just came to her.  John doesn't think so.  There are a lot of similarities between the theme of her books and the original Troll.  John was shocked when she came out with Harry Potter.


Is it possible J K Rowling saw or heard about the idea from the movie or book?  Maybe she did and truly doesn’t know she did.  Maybe she did know?  Honest mistake or not?


Another article on this subject stated the John Buechler waited until there was the most amount of money and impact before bring his lawsuit.


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