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Updated again 12:29pm - Wal-Mart & Wave Pushed Away

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Many residents say yes, Mayor says NO! to the Cudahy Station.


With a tie vote (Alderperson First District Joseph Mikolajczak voted YES), Mayor Ryan McCue votes NO sending the Wal-Mart & the Wave Center (Which would have 500,000 visitors yearly, much more then the KRM) to a border city.  Killing our hopes and dreams of a better Cudahy.  A stronger economically viable Cudahy gone.


People have asked me who in the common council voted yes and no for the Cudahy Station.


Alderperson First District Joseph Mikolajczak as part of the Plan Commission voted YES


Alderperson Fourth District Sean Smith as part of the CDA voted NO


Alderperson Fifth District Name Thomas Pavlic as part of the CDA voted NO


Alderperson Second District Mary Schissel never got a chance to vote – My guess would have voted NO based on a readers reply from her.


Alderperson Third District Mark Otto never got a chance to vote – My guess would have voted YES based on personal talks with him.  He seems truly open-minded.


Remember the Commissions are appointed positions.


Surprisingly retiring Engineering Department Head Craig Faucett was very rude to the citizens when asked to speak up.  He replied “I don't care I  am not talking to you” to the audience. Forgetting the city works for the residents.


That was the tone for the meeting.  The city people minus a few don’t talk to the people, don’t talk with the people, but talk down to the people.  Craig Faucett voted NO.  He was conflicted.


This is truly a sad day and comment on our community. Thank you Mayor!  In the end, the Mayor did what was best for him and his Utopia not Cudahy!


A small amount of people clapped, but the majority booed (75 of those in attendance with YES Wal-Mart signs) and shouted, “RECALL THE MAYOR”.


A Wal-Mart rep said they are done with a city like this and I am told, if you draw a circle 5-mile radius from the proposed Wal-Mart site, that is where the Wal-Mart and Wave center will end up together.


You can thank your Mayor for having this one slip, no I am sorry, pushed away and with it 500 jobs and MONEY.


I will be doing more blogs on topics that have been slipped away or pushed away this summer; I know we will be losing more.  I will be adding to my posts, courtesy of the Mayor.

  I heard plenty of people stating “Recall the Mayor” and I will be happy to sign the petition and talk about this on my blog.

How to Recall a City Mayor Follow this link here: Link

Here is the Wisconsin Recall Of Local Elected Officials April 2007 link.


I am still looking for the exact number needed.  I am told it is something like 25% of whatever the number people in Cudahy voted in last governor’s race.


“What has this Mayor done for us?”  I was asked, and I responded “not much.”

According to one person in the crowd, he knew how the vote was going to go when the Mayor asked the Vandewalle & Associates person what he felt of the proposal.

A representative from the Wave organization said when leaving the building "I feel sorry for you people here in Cudahy."

Let the lawsuits start.  Joe Henika thought the amount was high before, just double that amount.

McCue what was the thought of asking what the people wanted if you really didn’t care.


I will tell you what, you didn’t like what the people had to say, so you made sure at this meeting you would not have to listen to them.  You were going to tell us!


As a reader emailed me this right after the meeting, I thought I would share it.


“I cannot believe what just happened.  They let the greatest opportunity in Cudahy pass us by without giving the people the chance to speak, now with no Wal-Mart coming or any other business, Cudahy is now going to be a backward hick town.


After the meeting and even how the Continental people about Cudahy "this is the worst treatment we've gotten in any city."”


Now that Wal-Mart is dead, and I truly believe it is, I wonder if the Mayor will answer the following questions.


1.  Since Mayor Ryan McCue stated that the liens against Sportsites have been paid off; the question is “Who” paid them?


2.  Now that the Wal-Mart / Wave is dead, and if Continental does not bring back another proposal before July 1st (the extension agreed to by the city), does the City of Cudahy get the land back free and clear with no additional payments by the City?


3.  When will the City of Cudahy demolish the shell of the Iceport and clear the land for future development?


Currently the city will have to cleanup the land and because the land is contaminated and people and kids are walking around the land, a fence for public safety needs to go up restricting people from the dangers, all of this at our expense.  Thank you Mayor.


Parents, maybe it’s time to contact the health department to see if they have any information regarding the safety of this land, i.e. the contaminated dirt. Maybe we need to contact our Alderpersons to find out what the city knows about the condition of this dirt.  Is it really safe to be walking near it or around it? Do we need to take precautions and have our family physician test our children for unknown toxins? What is the city going to do about this vacant, tainted land that is just going to sit here for who knows how long? Don’t you think it is time to erect a fence around the known sullied property? The city and THIS MAYOR have not had the due diligence to erect a fence around this area.

Scary isn’t it!!!


“Maybe the Mayor should start looking at the classifieds job section”, someone in the now mob-like crowd shouted.“Show him the disrespect he showed us by calling him from now on, ‘The outgoing mayor’,” another clamored. 

The Mayor quickly slithered out of the room with a smirk on his face.


At least in Muskego the city understands their job and place.  It isn’t letting a name like Wal-Mart alter their decisions.  “A lot of people don't like Wal-Mart for business reasons," Fiedler said.  "But that's not the city's concern.  Our job is to determine whether the proposal fits the zoning and fits in with the look of that area.  The name on the side of the building is irrelevant to the Plan Commission."

Please watch this blog for information on the RECALL of Mayor Ryan McCue as it unfolds.


This is the information I requested and will display the answers when I receive them.


I am not sure who in the city government can tell me in regards to a mayoral recall in Cudahy’s  municipal code, the number of signatures needed to recall Mayor McCue and the requirements related to signature authenticity.


He showed us!


Now show him and your Alderperson your displeasure.


Contact the Mayor and your Alderperson and tell them this was a big mistake and actions have consequences!


Mayor Ryan McCue

Phone Number: (W) 769-2222

Address: 3927 E Plankinton Ave


Alderperson First District Joseph Mikolajczak

Phone Number: (H) 483-1255

Address: 3754 E. Plankinton Avenue


Alderperson Second District Mary Schissel

Phone Number: (H) 744-0420

Address: 3836 E Munkwitz Ave


Alderperson Third District Mark Otto

Phone Number: (H) 769-6626

Address: 3324 E Mallory Ave


Alderperson Fourth District Sean Smith

Phone Number: (H) 486-6221

Address: 5618 S Rosewood Ave


Alderperson Fifth District Name Thomas Pavlic

Phone Number: (H) 483-7116

Address: 6015 Summer Winds Ct


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