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The Questions of The Week - Cudahy Mayor

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Day 6 – Sunday May 11th 2008 - Still No response from the Mayor


Where is the Mayor?

My guess he is hiding out taking a vacation – getting out of Dodge.  Illinois shopping at Lord & Taylor or Pottery Barn with his kids and parents is my guess!

Why hasn’t the Mayor responded or explained himself?

He cannot because he based his decision on personal reasons instead of levelheaded ones for the city as a whole.  It was about Wal-Mart to him instead of a big box store – the name on the side should not have mattered at that stage of the game, but it did for him and he reacted.


I would just like the Mayor to say why he voted NO, what is the reason other than he does not like Wal-Mart?  Is that asking too much of a person who was elected to serve the folks here in Cudahy??


He doesn’t have a different answer other than he doesn’t like them.  No, it is not much to ask.  He is shirking his responsibility to the people - he is a public servant.  That is why a recall is the answer! People will judge him with votes.  Not just on this Cudahy Station vote, but his first year!

 What has he really done in the one year?  Honestly?  Is he fair?  Has he done anything on the slumlords (not talking about what the police have done, but the Mayor)?  What has he done?  He doesn’t communicate and is a classic politician.  I have been telling people this before the NO vote!  How can McCue make a comment like “the city has "a very fine police department" to take care of any problems” if he doesn’t let them get the tools they need?  Where is the K9 unit?  Like I said before, I was giving McCue the benefit of a year one free pass and chalking it up to learning.  That time of a free pass is over.

If the Mayor remains silent, do we even have a mayor?

In name only!  Inaction has just as much consequences as action does!  Does a true leader walk away and not explain themselves?  Does leadership define the person or the job or both?

With the Mayor not explaining himself and the news picking this up days after you bloged about doesn’t that hurt our image?

Yes and No, I did a post on Cudahy’s image before.  It hurts the city only a little because people know this is really the Mayor personal problem.  This is what history will define the McCue year or years.

Do you think the Mayor was happy to be the one breaking the tie vote?

NO and YES!  I think he thought it would be mostly NOs and was surprised by one or two.  Yes because he loves the light and the power.  Voting NO gave him personal satisfaction to know HE is the one pushing back!  Yes his vote is done last because the Mayor gets the last say.

Did the Mayor do his due diligence?

Not if he doesn’t explain it and NO because it was personal.

Why is it that the Wal-Mart haters just talk about the same issues over and over and over?

Many of them don’t or didn’t even apply to Cudahy.It is all the have, blah blah blah.  Some types of crime will go up – some but crime is already here and Wal-Mart will not cause gangs, drugs, rape, or murders.  They have to cling to the doom and gloom it is they have.  Will cars in the parking lot get scratched, broken in to, or in a parking lot accident – Yes.  Will police come to haul off a shoplifter – yes.

What about all of this talk about medical bills and insurance?

Wal-Mart in the past has not been a leader in that area, but things have changed much.  Look who else is using Badger Care, McDonalds, Menards, even a hospital chain Aurora – are they not in the medical profession?

What about traffic congestion and lights?

Yes, traffic will go up!  If it didn’t that would be a failure.  Light control I am sure the engineering department could have handled the job!

Was it really the wrong location?

I don’t think it matters.  The deeper you get people to drive into the city the more they see and the more they will shop at the different locales.  The is no guaranty it would get any bigger on a different site.

What if Wal-Mart and Continental comes back with a slightly different proposal – Wal-Mart larger, more Cudahy Shops, and some private money for the Wave? 

McCue will turn it down, but it might change the outcome with the others.

What if they placed office space above the retail – going up making it multilevel?

I think McCue would be able to over look Wal-Mart then.  This is the office space he is so in favor of and looking for.

What if it was approved now, how would those people honoring McCue for saying NO?  How will they feel?

They will have lost respect for him and join the club to which I am a member of!

Does the Mayor even need to explain himself?

Yes, he has to answer us and the parties involved.  He owes that much to all.

Where is the accountability of our elected officials?

If we don’t demand it and allow them to stay silent, we are saying it is okay!

If he does, does it hurt more than helps?

The damage is done and he is not very smart if he feels this will blow over.  If he truly answers it then it would hurt, but he will make something up so it doesn’t look all that bad.

Would it be okay for him to answer it like – because I said so?

NO!  That is not an answer.

Didn’t the Mayor say he shops at Wal-Mart and isn’t that being a hypocrite?

YES and YES! Did you expect anything different?

How does the old Master Plan matter?

It doesn’t, but the new one will not be done until after all of this is over.  It is 16 years old and things change.  Even the Master Plan people said it was obsolete at the first meeting, but how they cling to it now.  It is the one thing that can easily kill a big box store.

How does light manufacturing fit downtown?

That is a cover story from the old master plan.  McCue and his friends don’t want the KRM riders to have that as something to see.  A manufacturing plant would not be posh downtown.  McCue knows that it would not bring people into Cudahy.  He just wants tourists.  As a reader said, stop trying to make Cudahy a tourist attraction.  Jobs are what Cudahy needs and McCue doesn’t want that.  He wants Condos.  He wants to move city hall.

Was Wal-Mart itself asking for money?

Wal-Mart promised that it would not seek money from the city for environmental remediation work needed at the site, or for any other part of the project.

Have any of you seen the police reports when the Wal-Mart’s that were built on 27th (locations on 27 and Oklahoma and 27th in oak creek)?

There is no Wal-Mart in Oak Creek yet!  Do you know something we don’t know?  It is in Franklin and the police reports do not show a negative Wal-Mart.  The 27th street store in Milwaukee has a higher crime, but so does the general area around it even before the store was built.  If you check the crime reports instead of guessing Wal-Mart was the real reason crime was up you would have the real info and the real answers.

Muskego First Anti Wal-Mart Group?

How would you expect an anti group to answer, and what business does Muskego have sticking their nose in Cudahy’s?  If it is a dead issue, why do they want you to come to their hater meetings?  Maybe to program you after watching Wal-Mart hate videos and giving you reports and papers of some other place that has noting to do with this city or even today’s issues.  Is it a fair and balanced source or just someone’s viewpoint with data to try and prove their point?  Data can be messaged (that is the technical name) to show you anything you want it to.  It is easy to double a dollar, but harder to double two.  Watch most will not use a ratio that tells more of the story.  Look back at my crime blogs for other examples of how data can misleading.

Some final thoughts...


For all those of you who think Wal-Mart is bad and its business practices are bad, read this below and pause to think how easily it works.


Look at it this way.


Let us say you are the Mayor, you don’t like Toyota and they want to build in Cudahy, and you say, “I am not a fan of them, they are not American in the true sense for me and I don’t like their business practices.  They were caught last year working a man to death in Japan. They feel too low class for me.”  Yes, it would be jobs, but non-union jobs, Cudahy can do better.


Does that make it clearer?  You simply can interchange Wal-Mart with Toyota.


It was interesting Lafferty's (Wave) comments on the meeting.  It would be great if they could keep the 3 votes, get someone other than McCue to vote yes, then get it to the council.


Remember, they still have to get passed the council, which will be a tremendous up hill battle, considering they have 3 no votes all ready!


McCue is in a hard place right now.  He voted NO to Wal-Mart and now he has to keep the direction of NO Wal-Mart or he will lose that support of the citizens in the NO crowd.


If he keeps Wal-Mart alive or talks to them in coming back, he alienates those for him. So all of this talk of a Wal-Mart in a different area is just talk to make people forget about the issue.  Watch, the Mayor will quickly sign the K9 unit request to try and deflect peoples impressions and thoughts of what has he really done.  He was called out on stalling and will quickly act.


Most people working in retail are not the sole earner.  Most of the retail bashers and Wal-Mart haters paint this picture of a single mom with 3 kids working to make ends meet.  Most of the time that is not true.  Union wages or not it comes down to skill sets.


I am sick of this broad stroke painting that unions are the answer and all nonunion jobs are the problems.  Stop living in the 60’s when you didn’t need an education and could just find a job that paid good wages.


Today in this job market, you need a good education, a good skill set, and common sense.  I see this lacking in many people.


Education is the true path to improving oneself not a union forcing the wages higher.  People need to take responsibility for their actions or lack of action.


How many physics degree people work in retail for their full time job that are not in management?  My guess not many.  Stop blaming retail and Wal-Mart specifically for a lack of gumption and education with people working in retail.  Management positions pay well.  I should know I did it for eleven years.


True Character is doing right when people are not watching, not once you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!  The Mayor is not the Alderperson’s boss, that is us!  Then again, we are the Mayor’s boss!


These elected officials campaigned on opening the doors of Cudahy government, but it appears they are now slamming them in our face!


The Mayor's job responsibilities vary widely, but all are intended to ensure the well-being of the city and its people.  The mayor and council members have the responsibility of representing not only the people who elected them, but all citizens not just themselves.


Council members also serve as a resource to the residents of their district, making sure they receive quality services and helping them to solve problems.  Priority must be given to the well-being of the city and its people and this Wal-Mart represents step one in an ongoing process to do so.

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