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The Cudahy Wal-Mart Effect

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 Day 9 – Wednesday May 14th 2008 - Still No response from the Mayor – Will we ever get one


Here are two emails from different sides of the issue I received.


Quick question – Now that the Wal-Mart is done and most likely moving to Oak Creek, is the public market back on after Lee stopped it in protest to Wal-Mart?



Lisa Nelson and Cudahy readers of CNI


This is in response to the recent meeting about the Cudahy Wal-Mart.  I have never seen such a disrespectful display of poor leadership as I did at the last meeting.  If these are the leaders of our community than I think, it is time the citizens of this community start ridding Cudahy of its political pollution.

When someone asks, one of the speakers to speak up because of the poor sound system that is used and they are told to, "shut up, they are not being spoken to,” it is time to take a stand.  From the moment the community really started voicing an opinion in favor of this project, it never received a fair shot.  


It came down to a 3-3 vote with the Mayor breaking the tie.  What a set up.  Leave it up to the person who objected from the beginning for no real reason except HIS dislike for Wal-Mart.  Maybe the tiebreaker should have been left up to the community.  A vote they couldn't have tampered with.  


The mayor wants more condos and office buildings.  Let’s put the engineer in charge who built a beautiful library than set condos in front of it.  I have been a member of this community for 20 years and have never seen such a turn over of houses for sale and empty businesses.  


Many of us simple-minded people understand why.  Unfortunately, we now know what we want or say doesn't matter.  Every village has an idiot, but I think we have more than our share.  When the taxes go up AGAIN, it would only be fair that those who took this negative rude attitude consume my share along with that of the other positive people who never even had a chance to say anything at this last meeting.  We will not be able to just bang a gavel and escape.


Once again, we have earned the right to bare the title of "CRUDAHY.”  No longer does Cudahy Pride exist.  Now added to our being noted for the bar capital of the Southside, housing more than our fair share of sex offenders, gangs, dog beaters, slumlords, and long list of weekly police reports we can now add political pollution.


Has anyone of the village idiots taken a ride through the community lately and noticed all the houses going up for sale and taking longer to resell or the number of empty businesses in just Packard Plaza alone or the increase in taxes with nothing to really show for it.  


The Wal-Mart company offered us something too good to pass up.  They deserve to be in a community that deserves to better themselves.  CRUDAHY is not one of them.  They also deserve an apology for the rudeness they were showed from this communities so called leaders.  I hope they don't walk away thinking all of us are like the few who had the final say so.  


I wish them the best.


Second letter


First of all,


I want to apologize for the way you people were treated since this mission began.  


Ever village has an idiot, but after living here for twenty years there is no doubt in my mind that Cudahy has more than one.  I think we have enough for several villages.  I was very sad and upset to see the turn out of what would have been the best thing this community has had offered to them in a long time.  


Being an eighteen-year associate of Wal-Mart I am sorry so many in our community will miss out on what Wal-Mart offered them.  Last night the rudeness of those in charge of the meeting was inexcusable.  I have never seen such lack of respect for the individual.  It was admirable the way the Wal-Mart representatives conducted themselves.  


Once again, please let me apologize on behalf of so many of us that would have welcomed you with open arms.  


There is one more thing that I would like to see happen.  It is not out of revenge, but could send a very important message to our village idiots and their polluted politics.  


Something that might help us in the future if something like this ever came along again.  I work at Store #1551, in Franklin Wisconsin.  All the paper towels and toilet paper that we order for our 99 supplies comes from right here in Cudahy.  Other stores may get it from Majestic Paper as well.


Also, I was told that some of our Super Centers carry Patrick Cudahy Bacon etc.  If this is the case, I would really like Wal-Mart to find another supplier.  I am sure these things can be bought elsewhere.  


It upsets me that what our village idiots and polluted politicians are saying is, we will sell our products to you for your store, but you are not good enough to put one of your stores in our community.  Something has to wake up these people who are making the decisions for all of us taxpayers.  To let it be known would also help.  Cudahy does not deserve what you offer.


Much of the community does but until we clean up the polluted politics, we will fight like we did this time.  Knowing that it really didn't matter because of the pollution.  Again, I am sorry for the way you were treated.  Don't worry, you will find a welcome place.


Wherever it is, it will be their gain and our loss.


Hi Randy,


I thought I'd give my two cents personally rather than in a forum.


Personally, I think Cudahy did the right thing by denying Wal-Mart the prime location. I know you're a supporter of Wal-Mart, and that's fine, but I hope you understand my reasoning for this.


  1. The prime location is still prime: What I mean is, Cudahy still has a massive parcel of land near its core downtown area open and ready for development. Patience can be a virtue if Cudahy plays it right.
  1. Wal-Mart won't leave Cudahy: It's already noted that Wal-Mart was eyeing land on Layton & Pennsylvania for some time. They packed their bags and moved east because of the future KRM line.  If the KRM never was proposed, I'd bet you $100 that they would've stuck with the original plan, the same plan they're going back to now since Cudahy denied them the KRM opportunity.
  1. Cudahy has options: Because of the prime location open, and the proximity to Lake Michigan and the land along the future KRM line, that location can truly turn into something amazing.  You mentioned that Cudahy doesn't have a Bayshore.  You're right, they don't.  But that certainly doesn't mean they can't.  St. Francis is currently going through a transition thanks to their lake properties providing them with fortune.  Many high-end condos are under construction, and the prices will remain the same if not continuing to go up due to Chicagoans making Milwaukee their second home.  Thanks to the new condos, Mandel Group is almost ready to break ground on the Lakeside Market Place, on the former WE Energies parcel.  This development will be strictly high end, with a grocer, restaurants, office space, and retailers.  I can assure you this wouldn't have happened without those condos and the current transition.  Cudahy is right now on the crossroads of entering that same transition, with lake properties open and the County desperately needing extra cash.  With this, on top of further upscale development in St. Francis, the land that almost became Wal-Mart could become something similar to Bayshore.

Randy, give it time.  Yes, it doesn't look pretty now - we agree on that.  But just because it doesn't look great now shouldn't mean the community's willingness to cave for the very first proposal.


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