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Updated The Recall Of Mayor Ryan McCue

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Day 10 – Thursday May 15th 2008 - Still No response from the Mayor – Will a recall change that?


A quick clarification and thought


Clarification – Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue is a regular voting member of the Cudahy Plan Commission.  He cast his “NO” vote, rejecting plans for Cudahy Station, last in roll-call vote after three commissioners voted for the measure and three against.


Okay so let us break that and all of it down.


Was it not a tie vote when it and the drama came to McCue’s vote?  Three for (yes) and three against (no)?  YES it was.  So his vote did break the tie at the time!


What I feel he wants us to know is his vote was no more important than anyone else’s vote.  Why is his vote last?  He is the chair!  He gets the last vote!  If this ended on a positive note, I think he would we talking this up that his vote broke the tie.  He is trying to turn down the heat on him.  He would like us to know that there were a total of four NO votes.  Regular votes.  He would like I feel the blame to be equal and not just on him.


To the chair comes the glory and the agony.


“Grandstanding over governing”


Silence is complicity.


I was told from a reader in email that the Recall has begun.  It is not from the person who contacted me, but if someone knows who is doing it please let me know.  I have found out her name is Sue.  We need to have the person who contacted me join forces.  Get them to join forces to conquer, rather than divide and conquer.


The first thing we need to do to make this recall a reality and happen is to be organized.


I was told we need 1750-1800 signatures.  Is this the same number the rest of those involved with the recall have?


It should not be that hard since we had 1300 Pro Wal-Mart Cudahy resident signatures.


Once the paperwork is filed, 60 days is all the time given to reach the correct mark.



 The petition must contain the signatures of qualified electors equal to at least 25% of the vote cast for the office of Governor at the last gubernatorial election held within the same district or jurisdiction as that of the officeholder.  The filing officer is required to determine, and inform any interested person upon request, the number of signatures required to recall an officeholder of that district or jurisdiction. Circulating the Recall Petition Circulation of the recall petition must be completed within 60 days after registration.  The completed petition must be returned to the filing officer, that is, offered for filing, no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 60th day from the date of registration.  Any signature on a recall petition that is dated before the date of registration or more than 60 days after registration is invalid.


So, we must be organized.  We must have in place before paperwork is registered who will help go door to door in “Circulating the Recall Petition” for signatures.  I, for one, will help do that.

As far as the recall, let it roll!

I have included some info that some people passed on to me.


McCue is going to try and head this recall off, by allowing some sort of revote.  This recall is being taken very seriously.  If the recall gets close to the magic number, McCue will step down rather than be recalled.  He would be looking at the big picture since politics is his career.


Then I received this info:


Two items to pass along:1. The Mayor is looking for someone on the last committee to switch their vote to yes so that he won't have to change his vote.2. Mr. Henika is trying to get the CDA vote overturned on a technicality.

So let us think that this info is correct for discussion.

Let me get this straight, he wants a 4-3 yes vote, so he can vote no, and still look like a hero??  How does that work? Also, since this will get to the common council, how does he plan to get 3 yes votes there? He was elected to be Mayor, leader, on the hot seat, and wants to wimp out that way.  What maneuver will he try, work with Continental again, and bring the plans back again?   Second, how is Joe Henika trying to get the CDA motion thrown out?  If a motion was made, seconded, and voted on, this would be contained in the notes.  Also, their should be an audio recording of the meeting, so someone could listen to see if the Chairman of the CDA or anyone else acted inappropriately on the motion, and a vote.  Apparently, Joe is trying to kill this thing at any and all cost!

I also will include this info

There has been a change in the leadership of the CDA.  First of all Sara Eberharty is the Chair, Mike Clark is the vice-chair and Joan Houlahan is the treasurer. 

More letters emailed to me –


Maybe Lying McCue likes the sight of the condemned steel skeleton of the once greatly anticipated Ice Port.  If Cudahy were to allow the supercenter along with the indoor training facility, this would consume precious "condo land.”  That is just what a failing city needs... more condos.  How about business?  Cudahy needs to become more appealing to businesses.  Right now if I were to open a business, I sure as hell wouldn't open it on Packard Avenue.  Get some paint.  Offer GOOD incentives to open a business in Cudahy.  Thank you Lying Ryan McCue, I just moved out of Cudahy and can't be any more thankful.


Now that the Mayor and Plan Commission have shot down the Wave and Wal-Mart plan that would pay taxes to the city, when will we get some development on the site that will pay taxes?


While not perfect (nothing in life is), the Wave / Wal-Mart / Cudahy Station (what the city called it) retail development would have been good for the city, and the area.  It would have brought in people, dollars to local businesses, and tax dollars to the community.  Now today, the city STILL DOES NOT OWN THE LAND, and THE TAXES in 2007 WERE NOT PAID!!


That's right folks, check it out yourself on the cities websites.  Sportsites did not pay the 2007 property taxes, so guess who will foot the bill, THE TAX PAYERS OF CUDAHY!  I wonder if our Mayor would like to comment on that?


Another day, another wasted opportunity, here in Cudahy!


Only here in Cudahy does Alderman McCue vote to give the land away to Sportsites, and Mayor McCue can do any thing to get it back on the tax rolls!  Maybe we could sell the rights to this story for a made for TV Movie, and that could be used to pay the taxes, since Wal-Mart and the Wave wont!


Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!  NOT!!


The word I have heard is that Continental is looking at the property off of College & Pennsylvania at the old Van Beck farm land to develop.  Oak Creek gets the development and tax base, we get a rusty contaminated eyesore.  Thank you Ryan McCue and the planning commission.  Like Ryan said when he ran for election, "A new day for Cudahy.”  We did not know at the time it was bad days!!!


Randy did you see this?


It was a bad week for Milwaukee's retail market.  Three national chains announced plans to close stores.  Home Depot will close its northwest side Milwaukee location, Linens 'n Things will shutter its Shops of Grand Avenue downtown Milwaukee location and Walt Disney Co. is closing its Disney store at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa.


Cudahy, led by Mayor Ryan McCue, made a mistake in turning down a Wal-Mart Supercenter and soccer-training academy on the abandoned Iceport site on East Layton Avenue.  The rejection means the partially constructed Iceport, which failed due to a lack of financing, will remain an eyesore in the southern Milwaukee County suburb.



I see that the so called Mayor must be waiting for a blue light special for the iceport.  He turned down the best Cudahy could get.  Wal-Mart was not the first choice, just as Cudahy is not most retailer’s first choice.


He is not only being laugh at, but he has the audacity to make claims that he didn’t break the tie vote, because his vote is the same as everyone else’s.  He is a whiner as well.  What a so called Mayor we have.


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