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McCue is Speaking But Nothing is Coming Out

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Day 11 – Friday May 16th 2008 - Still No real response from the Mayor – This is not an answer or acceptable


McCue is Speaking But Nothing is Coming Out


Mayor explains Wal-Mart vote

“Milwaukee Journal Sentential NOW South Shore Thursday, May 15, 2008, Vol. 115, No. 20” (By the way, it was so important, McCue OBVIOUSLY thought hiding his "opinion" in the newspaper versus the CudahyNow site or city website, was important!)

Public Forum:

My supposed “refusal” to discuss my vote regarding the development proposed by Continental Properties Co. Inc. was mischaracterized.  I was advised by our city attorney and outside legal counsel not to discuss this matter in great detail due to litigation issues surrounding this site.  To this end, I offered a brief statement to the media regarding the action taken by our Plan Commission.


On May 5, the Cudahy Plan Commission deliberated the merits of the proposed use and conceptual site plan brought forth by Continental Properties Co. Inc. regarding the former Iceport site. While the proposal was voted down, 4-3, Continental Properties Co. Inc. still has the ability to bring forth another proposal.


I ran for mayor on a platform that we can do better than a big-box retailer such as Wal-Mart at that location.  Sixty percent of the voters agreed.


Furthermore, I felt that the motion to approve without any conditions to the development was not in the best interest of the city.


It is under the Plan Commission’s authority to mandate store hours and bonding if the store closed.  Just to name a few.  While these and other conditions were discussed, no conditions were tied into the motion to approve.


Year after year, Cudahy has ranked in the top five municipalities when it comes to economic growth within Milwaukee County.  We need to continue to attract and keep high-quality developments such as Sheridan’s, City Lounge and Papa Luigi’s, just to name a few.


More important than saying “no” to this particular proposal is my desire to lead Cudahy into saying “yes” to an exciting development that will carry Cudahy into the next century.

Ryan McCue

Cudahy mayor



Here are some problems, or holes if you will, for “Mayor explains Wal-Mart vote” - McCue's public statement was pretty lame. 


First – It was not a Wal-Mart vote – It was a land use.  Right here is the big problem of the whole thing.  What is forgotten in the whole mess is the vote was about the usage of the land.  Store names should not have played into it at this time.


Not to discuss in great detail – how about any detail!  I will treat residents with the dignity and respect they deserve”?


He ran on a platform that we can do better than a big-box retailer such as Wal-Mart at that location – Where does it say this and Wal-Mart was not announced until after the elections.  I need to point out that there WAS NO PROPOSAL FOR A WALMART ON THE ICEPORT LAND, when he ran for election.  HE IS REINVENTING HISTORY!


He is good at that, career politicians are the best!


Here is what the Mayor said, “Wal-Mart:  I do not think that the City of Cudahy should provide a $12 million tax subsidy to the world’s biggest retailer.  Residents may not even see the tax benefits from the development for 20 years


Again, Wal-Mart didn’t, and I agree, we do not need to give Wal-Mart a tax break!


Another question in his statement is OUTSIDE LEGAL COUNSEL, who, who hired them, and why?  Yes - Why would we, sorry, McCue need to bring in outside council?  Last I knew, the City Attorney (Paul Eberhardy) was handling the foreclosure action.  The Council did not authorize use of outside legal counsel, which would be an expense to the taxpayers of the city, and MUST BE APPROVED by the Council. 


Third, I need to continue to point out that he is the one that brought Continental Properties to the table, by stopping the foreclosure action.  His developer, that he chooses, brought the Wal-Mart and the Wave!


Fourth, the high-end development of Sheridan House, City Lounge, and Papa Luigi's were all started during Mayor Hohenfeldt's term.  He has started nothing!!!


Fifth, see Lee Barczak's comment in the NOW article (found below) about the lack of clarity (direction) from the city.  We had direction, a Wal-Mart and Wave.  Be it as it may, that Mr. Barczak did not like the direction changes noting in the fact there was direction.


The adding of business conditions on this one is tricky, because of the involvement of the council and CDA.  If a business is not regulated by municipal ordinance or code (roller rinks hours of operation are in city code for example), then it would be up to the Plan Commission to put any additional restrictions on a business.  The plan commission has certain powers, and they could have made any reasonable conditions, such as hours of operation, noise, landscaping, at the Plan Commission. 


However, here is the trick part because this is a public / private partnership between business and government (council and CDA), either or both body could ask for business conditions to be added into the development agreement, or as additional conditions (an addendum) to the agreement.  But usually, main restrictions would be at the Plan Commission level and would have been set in advance for both parties to look at. 


Can a vote be changed - Someone would have to ask to have an item brought back on an agenda and as a motion to reconsider.  So, yes, something that is done can be undone.


Public Forum Questions


Another poster, Dana Z, writes, "What happened to the downtown market?”  This is a wonderful question.  The answer: When the Wal-Mart was proposed potential tenants of the market pulled out and the developer suspended plans to build it.


Many people in Cudahy were excited about this market, and nobody that I talked to was against it.  This is the kind of business we should be encouraging and if Wal-Mart would chase them away, Mayor McCue was right in stopping Wal-Mart.  Let's hope that now that Wal-Mart is off the table, the Market will come back.


- John S., Cudahy


What John says is what we are told is the truth.  If the potential tenants of the market pulled out, then you should be back.  I was told that Lee Barczak did indeed put his plans on hold and if the Wal-Mart was approved may not have gone forward with the project. 


However, Market plan still trying to take root - No vendors signed yet, but Barczak optimistic


The idea of a daily market in Cudahy, similar to the Milwaukee Public Market, has not been forgotten.


Lee Barczak, president of Greendale-based Morgan Kenwood Advisors LLC, said he is looking for more vendors to rent spaces in a South Shore Daily Market.


"I have about seven right now who I think are serious candidates," he said. "No one has signed an agreement."


If constructed, the daily market is to be part of a larger mixed-use redevelopment on two city-owned lots at the northwest and southwest corners of Packard Avenue and Library Drive.


Some hesitant about change


Barczak said some merchants have been hesitant to make a commitment because they are unsure if the city will be able to maintain a small-town atmosphere amid new businesses and developments.  Several vendors have said residents seem divided in their opinions on how the city should change, he said.


"There's a lack of clarity as to what's happening in Cudahy," he said.  "The perception is that it seems like there's not a consistent view here."


In addition to concerns about how Cudahy will change, some merchants at the Milwaukee Public Market are struggling financially, causing them and others to re-evaluate whether they should invest their resources in a similar business, Barczak said.


Lessons for success


Barczak said several lessons learned from the Milwaukee market could help make Cudahy's more successful.


For one, when vendors sign an agreement to rent space, a business plan would be created to guide them toward success.


The market would also devote more money to advertising, Barczak said.


"It's just crucial, because you got to get that business through the door," he said.


People, habits shifting


Despite the obstacles, Barczak said he is not giving up on the development and believes that more and more South Shore residents are falling into his target demographic: homeowners with an annual income of $75,000 or more.


Rising gasoline prices and the possibility of a Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail line would also impact residents, causing them to be less dependent on their vehicles.  He said the numbers of people who walk or bike will likely increase, enhancing a village-like downtown atmosphere.


"People's habits will change," he said.  "We're not Tosa or Cedarburg, but we can look like it.  But it will take time, money and effort."


Plans started in 2007


Plans for the market were unveiled early last year.  In June, the city's Community Development Authority, the Common Council and builder MK Realty, LLC, approved the terms of a developer's agreement.


Construction was set to begin last October, but the lack of commitments from vendors delayed the plan.


Barczak said construction on the market could begin this fall if enough merchants agree to participate.


How much TIF money was used for the project?  If the project was canceled was any TIF money going to be lost?

I snuck this into Thursday’s post after it was posted.


Clarification – Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue is a regular voting member of the Cudahy Plan Commission.  He cast his “NO” vote, rejecting plans for Cudahy Station, last in roll-call vote after three commissioners voted for the measure and three against.

Okay so let us break that and all of it down.

Was it not a tie vote when it and the drama came to McCue’s vote?  Three for (yes) and three against (no)?  YES it was.  So his vote did break the tie at the time!

What I feel he wants us to know is his vote was no more important than anyone else’s vote.  Why is his vote last?  He is the chair!  He gets the last vote!  If this ended on a positive note, I think he would be talking this up that his vote broke the tie.  He is trying to turn down the heat on him.  He would like us to know that there were a total of four NO votes.  Regular votes.  He would like I feel the blame to be equal and not just on him.

To the chair comes the glory and the agony.


Was it a mistake that the Mayor killed it that early to know if IKEA would come forward, he would have to deny it plus this sets in motion that big box retail is not and cannot be used or a lawsuit will happen?


Thus McCue’s mistake has cost the vision and hopes of many that do not support Wal-Mart but would support Target let’s say.  He could have allowed it to move forward and then kill it later without this problem.


His problem was he wanted to exterminate it (Wal-Mart the first chance he could) and did so without thinking it all the way through.


Registration Open for Wave Camp at Hawthorne Park

By Matt Schroeder
Milwaukee Wave

Posted: May 15, 2008


Registration is underway for the Milwaukee Wave Summer Soccer Camp at Hawthorne Park, June 9-13.  Nearly 60 sessions of the area's most popular soccer camp will be offered at more then 30 sites, with options to fit all age groups and skill levels.  Players and coaches from the four-time league champion Wave direct the instruction at every site, working directly with campers to improve technical and tactical skills, fitness and attitude.  More than 4,000 campers attend every summer.


"I'm very excited about the upcoming Summer Camp program," said Keith Tozer, Wave head coach and vice president of soccer operations.  "Our camps seem to get bigger and better every year.  Our relationships with the clubs we work with, with our sponsors, with ODP and the soccer community in general have made this a very worthwhile endeavor for everyone.”  To see a complete list of dates, locations and descriptions of the various camps, or to register online, visit and click on the "Camps and Clinics" link.


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