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Sony & MS in Talks to Put Blu-ray on Xbox

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Day 13 – Sunday May 18th 2008 - Still No real response from the Mayor – I don’t have to answer I have a lawyer


Sony & MS in Talks to Put Blu-ray on Xbox



Sony is in talks with its console rival Microsoft to allow the software giant to use Sony's Blu-ray technology in its Xbox console.  The talks come after Toshiba pulled out of competitions with Sony and removed HD DVDs from the market. Microsoft and Apple have both been pushing the digital format model, which many analysts believe will be the thing that beats Sony's Blu-ray victory. If the Xbox gets Blu-ray capabilities, it will be on a more level playing field with the PS3. Analyst Mike Goodman says: "You have to remember that for Microsoft, HD DVD was always a delaying action.  Microsoft doesn't believe in Blu-ray and it didn't believe in HD DVD.  Microsoft believes in digital distribution."


This is a very smart move on Microsoft’s part.  Now the HD-DVD is dead which was part of Xbox, this is give customers the ability to read the winning format.  As someone pointed out the PS3 from Sony had the advantage of the maker of that format.  As with many things the Internet and broadband may make it a moot point, since you can download media directly to your computer and in some cases the DVD player.  Of course we will still need a hard copy version which is where the DVD disk comes in to play.  Don’t forget Circuit City is offering people who bought a HD-DVD player in the last 90 days a not questions asked return policy.    

HD DVD demise didn’t boost Blu-ray

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