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Updated 3:24pm - Tar and Feathers For McCue?

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I have removed Sue’s last name from the web site along with Ryan’s after Sue has received a call from some irate person stating that the Mayor made the right decision.


One would think that people in Cudahy could be civilized, but I am sure some cannot.


Also some people who have signed Sue’s earlier attempt for gathering signatures are now fearing a problem with the city or police.  This can amount to intimidation and is wrong. 


Intimidation to stop the recall from moving forward is a sad, sad thing for Cudahy.  What does this say about us as a Community?  If you want to voice your displeasure, don’t sign the petition and if it goes forward then vote for McCue.


I am sure Sue and Ryan does not need to contact the police department on harassing phone calls do they?  Email her or don’t sign the petition.  Don’t call the people at their homes.


Instead of embracing Sue and Ryan for their right to a recall, people in Cudahy would rather bully those that standup and speak their mind and try and make a difference.


If the intimidation does kill the recall, Citizens of Cudahy, you have only yourself to blame.  I guess McCue’s silence speaks volumes to the people who live in Cudahy. 


Day 13 – Sunday May 18th 2008 - Still No real response from the Mayor – Does it matter - YES


Mayor Ryan McCue’s relationship with the city of Cudahy maybe changing soon.


Sue, a Cudahy mom and resident, along with 22-year-old college student and Cudahy resident, Ryan, are going to be leading the recall drive.


Currently we need to get people to help sign up to go door-to-door before we move on this, Sue told me on the phone.  She went on to say that, she thought of having a few days where we would setup shop and allow the Cudahy residents to come to us.  She currently has a few people willing to help and I told her I would do all I can.


Sue told me that she had already started collecting names on signup sheets to personally talk to the Mayor with, but if they will not do much, then having the power of the recall is what is needed.  She will be looking at contacting the media and not allowing this action to go as silent as McCue’s comments.


I know with my many conversations with Ryan, he has been very unhappy with Mayor McCue on this Wal-Mart issue.  Currently Ryan is finishing up finals for the spring semester.  Ryan is attending summer session and his time will be limited, which is why he too needs help.


The final straw was when McCue voted down the Wal-Mart and Wave center. 


In an email to me just after the vote, Mr. Antross stated,” I cannot believe what just happened.  They let the greatest opportunity in Cudahy pass us by without giving the people the chance to speak, now with no Wal-Mart coming or any other business, Cudahy is now going to be a backward hick town with nothing to show but a KRM Line that was approved by the city without our approval.


We have to make McCue realize what BIG MISTAKE he made.”


We only need around 1800 signatures.  If you are interested in helping out please contact Sue at


Here is a list of Cudahy citizens who may want Mayor McCue out:


People who wanted the Wal-Mart

People who wanted the Wave

People who wanted the Iceport to be done with

People who believed he would keep businesses from leaving

People who believed he would do something himself about the absentee landlords

People who believed he would communicate to the people

People who thought he would do something about the Payday Loan Stores

People who thought he would do something about the Used Car Lots

People who thought he would do something about the lowering taxes

People who bought in to his making it easy and attractive for new businesses to locate here

People who bought in to his work hard to attract new business

People who bought in to his “he is a reformer”


Anyone who sees McCue in a light they don’t like


As I was told from a reader this is not the first time Ryan McCue faced the possibility of a recall.  Take a walk down memory lane – is this maybe a pattern?


Nov. 30, 2004


Why would a member of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors who was elected in a recall election under the guise of reform and tax cutting not only vote for a tax increase, but also vehemently defend it while attacking the community's No. 1 taxpayer hero, County Executive Scott Walker?


That is a question that a lot of folks are asking, and one that has Sup. Ryan McCue trying to defend his actions over the past few weeks.


Run to the courthouse if you have an answer.


McCue, elected amid the post-Ament recall elections of eight supervisors (seven of them lost their bids) was quickly elevated to the position of vice chairman of the board's Finance and Audit Committee.  In his role, McCue has an influential seat in the crafting of the board's budget and discussion on setting the property tax levy.


In defending his actions, McCue pointed out that not one of his colleagues could find any government spending so appalling as to introduce an amendment to eliminate it.  He also criticized a proposal by Walker to issue pension obligations bonds, calling them irresponsible.


McCue was noticeably quiet when Gov. Jim Doyle, the state of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Public Schools proposed and passed similar packages, as was the daily newspaper.


So, McCue is clueless, but that's not his only worry.  In the end, McCue may have far greater concerns than a frugal county executive; he may find himself at odds with the very reform movement that vaulted him into office.


Citizens for Responsible Government have had their hands full lately with the antics of a certain suburban state legislator, but lest the supervisor from Cudahy forget, it was their relentless assault on politicians that say one thing and do another that resulted in the sweeping change of power at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


Could McCue be the next victim of that reform movement?  Stay tuned.


With less than 160 days remaining before McCue is eligible to be recalled, there is already talk about trying to oust him.  While many have doubted the ability of CRG and others to mount such a challenge in the post-reform era, they do so at their own peril, because thanks to CRG, there is no such thing as a post-reform era.


Cleaning up a little business back home, so to speak, might be exactly what CRG needs to really kick-start a statewide effort.


Regardless of what that determined crew has planned, McCue and others who defiantly sell themselves as tax hawks and reformers only to forget that when they cast their vote on the public's behalf should beware.


The anti-tax movement is not dead; it is alive and well, and may be coming to a town near them soon.


Further west the upcoming budget battle at the state level promises to be equally as challenging and entertaining as the ones we've seen here in Milwaukee County.  Republicans, led by Assembly Speaker John Gard, will raise the no-tax-increase flag high and proudly, and, amazingly enough, so might Doyle.


However, unlike the tough decisions made locally by Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, look to Doyle to once again raid the patients' compensation fund, raise University of Wisconsin tuition and impose higher fees for a variety of services, perhaps including hunting and fishing licenses and for automobile registration.


This will undoubtedly fuel the anti-tax fires and give CRG and its counterparts continued media exposure, fundraising prowess and increased legitimacy to continue the fight.


Unfortunately for Ryan McCue, he has already cast his ballot.  All that is left is to see how his constituents, with the help of CRG, will cast his fate.


Jim Villa, a former top aide to Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, ran Walker's re-election campaign and now runs a political consulting business called The Markesan Group.


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