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Where are the TIF Answers?

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Day 14 – Still No real response from the Mayor – Continental Properties is coming back


With all of this talk and interest in TIFs here is what I would like to know from our city people!


Does the city have a Local TIF Annual Report that is printed?


Where is Cudahy’s total amount of TIFs?  


How can we see the TIFs, you know, a running tally?


How much has been spent on TIFs over the years?


What is the maximum amount of a TIF giving out?


What is the maximum amount of TIF to land ratio?  i.e. 10 Million for 26 acres vs. 1 Million for 1 acre, thus the 1 Million for 1 acre has a higher ratio.


I am sure the city keeps track of how much a business asks for and get for TIF.  How can we see the difference?


Is there a map of the TIF districts?


Do the TIF districts, that are closed, add to city’s coffers?


I was told that as far as TIF assistance, Craig Faucett (who is retiring), would be the one who could tell me about all of the previous development agreements that the city has provided TIF assistance for.  Development agreements are a matter of open public records, and I could get copies, however, they thought think it would be easier if I just sat down and talked to Craig.


Another source for TIF assistance would be to look at the financials connected to city / CDA borrowing.  If the city borrowed money for a business under the TIF, they are listed individually by project, and again that would give you a good part of a list to start. 


As far as a running list kept by any department (city treasurer, engineering, assessing, Mayor), for anyone who has come looking for assistance, none kept a running list. 


Look at this city’s TIF info and they have the info right on the web.  Or even something like this - it would not cost that much to have our city website have someone scan the document in.


Of course, I don’t see the Cudahy city website changing anytime soon!  The Mayor would have no need for the public to see open public records.  You can just come on down to city hall.


Having info at our fingertips and mouse clicks 24/7 hurts someone who would like to keep us in the dark.

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