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Day 16 – Still No real response from the Mayor – What is done can be undone


Jay Weber Monday’s Pod Cast  He talked about how Wal-Mart is a good fit, McCue's problem with them, the recall drive. Listen Here:


What Mayor McCue and the Plan Commission members need to do, to make up for the blatant disregard of the due process and fairness of being impartial, is place a symbolic hand of “Glasnost” out to Wal-Mart to keep them interested in Cudahy, if the City is interested at all, in making the Wave a reality.  The real lost opportunity is the Wave – Wal-Mart always has options, but the synergy of the Wave and the Wal-Mart is a real benefit and the kind of development communities generally seek...


Let Cudahy residents make the mistake.  Let the people make the mistake if one is going to be made.


At the bottom of the page are the latest artist’s renderings of the Wave facility and of Wal-Mart.  These were the drawings from the last Plan Commission meeting that was voted down.


Rest assured that Wal-Mart attorneys will be watching this site like a hawk and if any other retail plans are approved Cudahy can expect a nice corporate discrimination lawsuit.  Guaranteed!


-         Forget about retail!, Cudahy


As I said before McCue has backed himself and Cudahy in a corner.  With McCue’s vote of “no”, this has set a precedence of no Big box retail on the Iceport site.  Since McCue didn’t allow it to move forward as land use, which should not have had anything to do with Wal-Mart, that is what was set.  Forget about retail!, Cudahy is right!!


Wal-Mart Yes!


Milwaukee Wave Yes!


Specialty Shops Yes!


Hotel Yes!


KRM YES!  So we can send Ryan McCue packing back to Illinois!  He will have the honor of the only Mayor in Cudahy's 101-year history to BE RECALLED!


Time for the recall to begin, so us citizens, who pay his salary, can take our town back!


In the old west, they would formed a posse and get him out!  Today, we have the power of the RECALL!!


McCue and his minions will threaten everyone who attempts to recall him!  Now, the people who have been denied Wal-Mart, and all citizens, need to rise up, and TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK!! He has done nothing good for this community, and has made us a laughing stock!  Everywhere I go in the state, people are laughing at us, because of our Mayor.  Time to get rid of him!!!  Or, he could do the honorable thing, and just resign, and leave town!!!!


Jason P.


Well said and love the old west thought!


One should drive down Packard Ave. and count all the vacancies.  Do you think there won't be a bunch more if Wal-Mart moves in.  Look at all the crime and houses for sell.  What does that tell you?  Cudahy is a city at a crossroads.  Making the wrong decisions now will have a long term effect on us all.  I've lived in Cudahy for 20 Yrs and have heard many negative comments from people outside the community.  The questions we have to ask ourselves is what will the city be like for future generations?  What will the impact be regarding crime, housing values, and our city image.  We all have to look at the whole picture.


- Dave P., Cudahy


Dave P – Looking at the whole picture is good If and only IF you do, do it with eyes and mind open.  We have all of these vacancies because the economy is bad and a lack of support from the city along with a dash of vision.  Wal-Mart could drive someone out, but look at all of the business that sprouts up after Wal-Mart comes in.  Remora or Symbiotic Stores are what I like to call those stores.

Remora - They eat parasites that reside on the shark (e.g. in the gills).  The symbiotic relationship between them ensures that the Remora have food and the sharks get a "free clean.  These are the fish that swim around the sharks.

Wal-Mart fits in with Cudahy’s image and do you think the Wal-Mart in Germantown hurts their image.  Come on Dave P. give all of this some real thought.  Don’t fall into the Wal-Mart bashing because it is easy to do.  Most Wal-Mart haters dislike Wal-Mart because of the unions, or correctly the lack of a union.  If you objectively look at this Wal-Mart, it makes sense for Cudahy.

A fellow blogger from Franklin Greg pointed out that most conservatives are mainly for Wal-Mart and why is that?

Is it that conservatives typically don’t like unions?  Is it that conservatives don’t like to waste money and like to save a buck?  Is it that conservatives don’t fall for the let us beat on Wal-Mart because they built the best mousetrap?  Is it that conservatives just love Wal-Mart or have to be on the opposite side of the liberals?  Is it that conservatives don’t live in the doom and gloom world?  Is it that conservatives rally behind Wal-Mart because the no crowds are protesting?


The mayor needs to wake up, our taxes are high.  he's having us reappraised this year so they will be higher, he says he doesn't shop at wart-mart, well apparently we are paying he way too good that he does not bargain shop, if he in his personal life does not bargain shop, then he's doing the same for the hard working citizens of Cudahy, scary thought!!!!!!!! 

So we let this land sit there a rot, and have no revenge coming in for this, shame on you mayor, perhaps it's time for a recall on your position...then maybe you will work for the people of Cudahy


- Karen, Cudahy

Karen the Mayor does shop Wal-Mart.  He knows how to save a buck.  He just feels we can drive to the store.  Is he getting a car/gas allowance that he maybe shopping on our dime or more correctly $4.00 a gallon to drive to Franklin? 

Continental Properties likely to return


Continental Properties, the developer that proposed building Cudahy Station on the former Iceport site, has indicated an interest in appearing before the Plan Commission at the Tuesday, June 10, meeting, Mayor Ryan McCue said.


The project would have included a Wal-Mart and Milwaukee Wave training facility.  The Plan Commission voted against the plan at a recent meeting.


Although representatives of Continental Properties have verbally indicated interest, they have yet to formally file an application to be placed on the agenda, McCue said.


No more information about the company's plans is available at this time.


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