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Attention Shoppers: More of the Same

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Day 17 – Still No real response from the Mayor – Can you say Change


Two blogs today

After reading the comments from the residents that support the building of a Wal-Mart and the recall of the Mayor I have even more reason to believe that the outraged citizens have firmly planted the bar on the ground and are intent on stepping down from there.  I have been a resident of Cudahy for 30 plus years and am convinced that many here are more than willing to remain uneducated and uninformed.  If you are insulted by this observation -you are part of the problem.  If you are not-you're the only hope Cudahy has to change.

- Laura, Cudahy

Outraged Citizens – You bet!  After the Mayor would not comment and gives a lame Outside counsel told me not to go in detail or specifics.


Wait, let us get the quote exact – “My supposed “refusal” [McCue on Thursday again declined to cite the factors in his decision.  "I don't have specific comments for that," McCue said.  "The Plan Commission's vote was on Continental Properties' proposed use.”  "He won't say what's wrong with the plan," Lafferty said sounds like a refusal not a supposed refusal] to discuss my vote regarding the development proposed by Continental Properties Co. Inc. was mischaracterized.  I was advised by our city attorney and outside legal counsel not to discuss this matter in great detail (how about any detail if he cannot give great detail, they just told you in great detail) due to litigation issues surrounding this site.  To this end, I offered a brief statement to the media regarding the action taken by our Plan Commission.”


Let us look at this – “I ran for mayor on a platform that we can do better than a big-box retailer such as Wal-Mart at that location” – When was Wal-Mart considered on the Iceport or for that fact big-box retail?  Can someone show us documents that McCue stated the Iceport site?  Perhaps it was after the election!


Since I am informed and educated on this, I am not insulted by the observation.  Everyone has their own opinions even if they are right or wrong.  I must not be part of the problem, so you know what that means – I am part of the solution and the hope for change!  A new Mayor will give us change!


If you are reading my blogs – I keep you informed and maybe, just maybe, you learn something and walk away with an understanding of a viewpoint that may or may not be the same as yours.  I know from the comments and emails from you, the readers, I learn something every time.


Bar on the ground – Well you have to have a good solid foundation, which may include a bar on the ground so you can build up and not have it fall down.  Most bars cannot float in the air without some sort of anchor or foundation.


Stepping down – No that should be the Mayor

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