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Recall Help Needed

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Day 21 – Still No real response from the Mayor – He is answerable to the people


Elected officials carryout the will of the people! 


They don’t get to personally detach themselves from the peoples’ will and follow their own ideals or goals.  They should be a noble politician in leading the people with the peoples’ will as the main cause and path.  They should not succumb to individual’s wants and desires or even their own.  They must, at all times, hold the vision of the peoples’ spirit in their hearts and follow the direction the people set forth, even if they personally disagree or it conflicts with their own personal agenda.  It is the peoples’ will and the elected official’s job to carry it out, not the other way around.


By now, most people have heard that Sue Hoyt and Ryan Antross are leading the recall effort to recall Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue.


The EB-1 form should be handed in today to allow for information, organization and exploratory of a recall will start.


Sue Hoyt represents Cudahy at the present, while Ryan Antross represents Cudahy’s future generation.


We will be looking for volunteers to help with the canvassing to obtain the 1749 signatures needed for the recall.  A number of 2200 is the target number though.  If you would like to help in any way please contact Sue Hoyt at 


For all those interested in helping in the recall, there will be a meeting Thursday May 29th at 7:30pm 6020 So. Buckhorn ave


I was told to try to overshoot the number of signatures you need in a big way.  They will be challenged/certified, and some are bound to be false or contain an error.  But it's an old trick by those who will oppose you.  They will also try to get enough of them thrown out that your recall 'didn’t' work'.  So shoot for a high number.  Swamp them in signatures if you can.


That is exactly what we are going to do.  While leading the Wal-Mart pro Cudahy grassroots group, we were able to get 1300 Cudahy resident signatures.  Yes, the people that signed from outer cities did not count in the total only Cudahy residents expressing their desires for a Wal-Mart did.  Many of those same people I am sure would be willing to sign the recall after Mayor McCue voted NO and gave NO reason why, except the lawyers told me not to tell.


At this time, we cannot accept money donations, but in the future, we will.  Companies can donate, but it must be a personal check, not a business check.  When the time comes for the money donations, I will post on it, because we will need to raise money for signs, stickers, flyers, buttons, and things of that nature.


Once this is in full swing, there will be a big media buzz around town.  In 102 years, never has a Mayor been recalled in Cudahy.  Until NOW.  This is history in the making.  Remember I talked about how will history remember Mayor McCue, we now know.


McCue was the first elected over the recall of Tom Ament and CRG (Citizens for a Responsible Government) helped put McCue in the county seat. 


Now CRG is helping to remove him.  This is not secret that we have involved CRG.


Funny how what goes around comes around.


You don't give politicians a 3 or 4 year “NO” cut contract.  You would not keep a plumber on board who flooded your basement or an electrician who wired your house incorrectly and caused it to burn down so why do we keep politicians around who are not following the wishes of their constitutions?


People for far too long, we have sat by, made the statement of recall, and never followed through.  Empty threats that the elected officials knew were not going to be carried out.  The time has come to put teeth into the bark and bit.  The time has come to take back our government.  The time has come to have our elected officials respect our wishes.


It is our right to have a recall as long as we get the proper amount of signatures.  It is our right to have our voice heard.  Our elect officials have a deaf ear to us!  Some feel that they know better then we do.  Some just don’t care to listen to us. 


This recall will give us, the people, back the power and the voice.  This recall is a notice to all now and in the future, that Cudahy residents will be heard and our expectations of the elected officials is high.  They must respect us and serve the public!  They are in fact public servants.


Again, if you would like to help in any way please contact Sue Hoyt at


Don't forget for all those interested in helping in the recall, there will be a meeting Thursday May 29th at 7:30pm at 6020 So. Buckhorn ave


Lee and Paul – It is a 13 year TIF not 20 years.  So it will close and be paid back in 13 years.  Lee you have asked for $600,000 for the public market.  Let everyone know that.  Opps I just did if people did not already know.


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